started by: usfive-390948 · last update: 1445788407 · posted: 1445783646

Why is it that when people are selling something, you send them numerous emails and they don't answer them?  Surely its common courtesy to at least reply to emails, even if said item is sold?

started by: violet75 · last update: 1443078702 · posted: 1443077298

How do I advertise on anglo info if I wish to offer a cleaning job?  Do I need to pay for the advert? Thank you in advance for your answers. Regards.

started by: caz-agnetha · last update: 1442841186 · posted: 1441074235

Hi there does anyone know how to change my Community to Brittany? Ive only just joined and I dont know how I managed to be in the limousin one.. lol also is it possible to delete a topic thanks Carol

started by: pablopicasso · last update: 1441882244 · posted: 1441874584

I put a request for a house within 5 minutes of a canal or river on here yesterday!!! Why has it been deleted ???

started by: Cheekiweeki-817816 · last update: 1441829516 · posted: 1441376996

I have always been on the Anglo Info Brittany site, but for some reason I posted on the Normandy site several years ago, now my location is showing that I am in Normandy! I have written to the site 'Help' and 'Contact Us' and asked how to change this in my profile, no reply. Does anyone know? I can change everything on my profile except the 'Normandy'!!

started by: sabc15-427548 · last update: 1441470459 · posted: 1441463320

Hi. been trying to put a photo on classified but can't seem to get it on,this is what comes up anyone any ideas.sabc15.:- A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1054 Unknown column 'Array' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `ccpics` (`isLogo`, `CC_ID`, `img_height`, `thumb_height`, `img`, `thumb`, `description`) VALUES (1, '5001441455807', NULL, NULL, 0, 0, Array) Filename: /data/web/regions/application/controllers/myproducts.php Line Number: 4897

started by: Bollydolly-889742 · last update: 1441398640 · posted: 1441389430

Hi, I am constantly getting these annoying pop up ads when looking at AI. Offers of free iPhones from 2 different companies. One of which you cannot cancel it forces you to accept, which of course I don't the only way to get rid is to log out. Is anybody else having this problem?

started by: BennyB-936084 · last update: 1440963848 · posted: 1440959992

Anyone else get a 'pop up window' when using Anglo Info ? It says 'felicitations' ! When I try to cancel it still takes me off AI ! I have to close my window to get off the site. AI is the only site it happens on !    

started by: Malcolm Craven · last update: 1440512279 · posted: 1440503310

I am selling a car on anglo info and I am receiving some interest .     However when I try to reply by e-mail they just get blocked.  So to the people interested in the Peugeot 306 Auto I am trying to get back to you, If you would like to ring me instead  it would probably be better. Thanks.

started by: rosieholt · last update: 1439894180 · posted: 1439842529

I usually get an e-mail from AngloINFO every Monday morning which I look forward to. As followers will know, although I am back in the UK I'm always trying to share my knowledge of various situations,having lived in Brittany for 5 years. Anyway, today it hasn't arrived......any explanation please ?  Thank you.

started by: Fred JB · last update: 1439858134 · posted: 1439648824

I have my car up for sale on AI Classifieds.   I have only had 3 "potential" buyers and all of them in my opinion have been scammers with the "I will offer you €100 on top of the purchase price and my transporter will collect etc, etc" but the most recent has changed in that the name being used is not foreign and could quite easily be English.   The name being used, if I am allowed to print here, is George Collins.   Please be aware.

started by: TerryR-385906 · last update: 1439820994 · posted: 1439820902

I posted just before 10 this morning in the Home and Garden section.  When I search for my user ID (TerryR), I can find the post: http://brittany.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/231623 But when I look in the Home and Garden section or in Discussions Home, it is not there.  

started by: tezzy · last update: 1439805322 · posted: 1439805322

I have been having emails from a person (dont suppose i can name and shame him) He said he would buy our tractor and was going to send a bankers cheque bla bla bla. Fortunatelly we didnt give him any bank details but did give him our address and telephone number!!!! so he could get a shipper/transporter to pick it up He said once we recieved his cheque it would take 3 days to clear and was on about 100 euros extra. After reading back through the emails  we started getting suspicious. For example we asked him if he recieved a certain email(which asked him for his address and name of his banker etc) His reply was "yes i did get it" but nothing else"" so i sent him a reply and said why did you just reply with "yes i did" and not send your name and address and the name of your banker on the same email? The next email he sent an english mobile number.(Which we wont waste our time phoning cos it could be anyones)still no address etc we looked up his email address in the search box and put Scam in front of it and it turns out this person has been doing the rounds all over Normandy now Brittany.If you want to know his email address email me private. As if there arent enough timewasters and dishonest people around already!!!! and now people like these!!! We emailed him one last time and said its a scam and we have notified the autorities.    

started by: Fitter · last update: 1438693928 · posted: 1438388799

Has anybody selling anything had a reply from one  "Miguel Cazoli"  looks like the usual tedious scammer. I am thinking of replying giving my real name as Norman Stanley Fletcher, with an address in a village called Le Slade. Or Armitage Shanks and I have business selling toilets-you will know they are genuine 'cos my name is on every one. Any other bright suggestions?

started by: humph-397392 · last update: 1438690196 · posted: 1438595868

Hi,   I have tried a number of times to unsubscribe from Ang-fo since they increased the inturusion of one per week.   Nothing seems to work, any ideas.... Humph

started by: one4all-436374 · last update: 1438559969 · posted: 1438081363

Why are people so vague about their location when looking for help or information ?   An exact address is not necessary but the town or village plus départment would help enormously when people are looking for recommendations within a specific locality. And  the correct reference when using  22, 29, 35, 56 etc. is DEPARTEMENT not area.

started by: Nevada-10041026 · last update: 1438537763 · posted: 1438533921

Don't know if anyone else noticed but the vide grenier in La Cheze was not  FREE ADMISSION as advertised on Anglo Info...need to make sure you're ads are correct, misinformation happens all too often.    

started by: hd500 · last update: 1438423566 · posted: 1436949976

Hello just to make everyone aware we have a few items for sale on anglo and have been contacted by someone proposing to send a cheque and courier. Please don't be fooled, this person contacted us under the name Ako Karim  with this e-mail address ako.karim@gmail.com. Thanks for reading just making everyone, it seems the scmmers of the bon coin are branching out.

started by: Mike.Harwood · last update: 1438210567 · posted: 1435561162

I used really to appreciate being able to look up the weather on Anglo Info - I can't seem to find it anymore.  Am I overlooing something or has this facility been removed?

started by: Ohhhhthatswhereiputit · last update: 1438098504 · posted: 1438098504

Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a problem with uploading photos. I am trying to sell a car and it will not let me put photos on, it just says error, this service is unavailable. My photos are 984kb for all six, is this too big. Thank you

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