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how do I delete a classified ad on my windows 10 computer. I have sold my car but cannot inform potential customers.t

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We would appreciate any advice on taxation regarding the income we receive from our holiday let. we estimate that after costings we receive about £1000 a year net profit. We appreciate any advice on this.Kindest Regards  James and penelope

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can any poster advise on the cheapest  way / service to post parcels of various size ( not large )  to the uk.  post office  too costly ........WELCOME  positive info.   thank you.

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Hi. I had to phone EDF on my mobile on there English speaking number. 17min phone call £22 bill. What a disgrace

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When I try to post my for sale item I keep getting asked to enter some detail. which I have done !!!

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I looked at a property for sale here some months ago via an agent.I decided against the purchase but now matters have changed and I may well be interested in purchasing it.I have learned that the property is also for sale privately with the owner but my question is, if I approached the seller, would I still be liable to pay commission to the agent, ie is there a time-limit after which the agent cannot claim their commission?

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How do I edit an ad, I need to include more info

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I'm trying to sell a car on Angloinfo and have gone through all the process, then when I go to submit, it just rolls round and nothing  happens! I've reduced the size of the photos because they can't cope with larger than 2mb (!), so it's not that. When I try to contact for support - no reaction whatsoever, not even an acknowledgement that my question has been received. I don't even know if it's worth putting on here - have you tried to find a car when you're looking to buy one? This site has really gone downhill. Meanwhile I have put an advert for our lovely Citroen C3 Pluriel convertible, (1.4 diesel 2007, French registered, 65,000 miles) on Ouest France and Le Bon Coin if anyone cares to look!

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Could someone please tell me in simple terms how to actually place an advert on a) the For Sale page b) the giveaways page I should be very grateful

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Can somebody please tell me how I can mark an advertised item as sold? I can't find a way.

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Hi - I've got a three bar front door lock that needs servicing or replacing. Can anyone recommend someone in the Langonnet area who might be able to help? English speaking preferred but happy to try and communicate with a French speaker. Would really appreciate a recommendation....

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My wife and i jointly owned a maison secondaire we have 2 children and 1 grandchild, my wife died 5 years agoso my 2 children have a share in my house by virtue of this and will further inherit a proportion on my death.I would like to leave a proportion of my property to my grandchild  - what proportion of the whole could each receive  - i intend to see a notaire on my next visit but would appreciate being able to consider  all possible positions priorthanks in anticipation

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Is there anyone who can help me set up a new Apple iPad please?  

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I have a parcel of land 2.5 acres of land with its own road frontage that I wish to sell for building houses. We are 1.5 from our local village but there are lots of houses about and within 1/4 mile from us there has been several houses built in the last year.  Has anyone got any ideas how I start this process. We are hoping the money will help fund our retirement just a little .

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How do you contact the admin cannot find anywhere on site to contact.  Anyone know.  Thanks

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Does anyone know how you can look at and amend your own listings, would appreciate some advice. Thank you

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