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This scrolling down to older posts doesn't work for me any more.

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Anyone know of any gymnastics clubs within the serent area for my 11yr old ? Thanks in advance 

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We need someone to look at the woodwork of a house we will probably be buying. We need to know the extent of the infestation of insects and fungus. We have the reports and understand them. But would like someone to look and advise on how bad it is and what the treatment would be and a rough estimate. It's near Callac. I can phone companies of course, but would prefer it if someone on here has a recommendation maybe for someone they have used themselves. It seems many on here live in the Callac area. Of course it doesn't need to be near Callac but I don't really want somebody to drive a long way just to look at it.

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Its taken 3 and a half years but I finally received it today. Good luck to those of you who are waiting for the same thing!

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Insurance question

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Hi all,I am after any information about a English Speaking doctor in the Huelgoat area of Brittany.Rodney

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Please is it me! can anyone tell me how I can find out how to edit and advert I have just posted. Many thanks you will restore my sanity!!

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Hi, anyone booked on the cancelled flight to Stanstead on 7th Jan? My Mother in law was due to travel but after a four hour wait at the airport, the plane from Stanstead never arrived so passengers couldn't then go back to Stanstead, the flight was cancelled. I put in a claim to Ryanair which was rejected today, I remember a thread by T&G -38584 which was very helpful and would be grateful for details of where to take my complaint now. Any help would be welcome thanks  

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Anyone going to catch the flight to Stanstead Friday 20th Jan in the morning, Im looking for a lift from St Goueo.Thanks in advanceDave

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It's quite likely I'm being thick, but I would like to change the email address connected to my AI account, but I can't see how. Can anyone shed any light please?

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Due to recent bereavement and serious health problems I am having to move urgently back to UK. I am taking 3 dogs and 3 cats and urgently trying to rehomed five other cats. I love all my pets and am desperate to find them loving homes. Many thanks

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How to I reply to an advert for something for sale?

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Does nay one know about a second home tax for expats in France? I have heard that the French government are going to put  a tax in place.

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Any English expats living in or around Rostrenen? I am about to buy a house in Rostrenen but can't find a French/English speaker solicitor, I am now having second thoughts, on this town, most of the informations seem to be years out of date. Help please.

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Have not logged onto this site really since it has changed.  Trying to upload some ads this afternoon.  Photo upload (OK?) then I touch the icon and then I am asked to wait, and wait, and wait...  Any answers please?  Thanks in advance.

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We would like to meet an english speaking electrician who could update our electric wiring in a house near Plougasnou

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I have been a regular user of Angloinfo website but I must say I find this now to be very poor,I cannot respond to advertisers and cannotalter my adverts.This should be a simple process for everyone.Why it was altered from its original setup is completely baffling.Perhaps somebody from A could explain the change.

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I tried to put an announcement in Classifieds for a part time teacher in our association. An Association, not a business. Upon finishing the document I was asked to pay 36 euros per week to have it published. Discuss amongst yourselves-I shall no longer be visiting this 'helpful' franchise.

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