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We have a cottage in Brittany and we are not getting use out of it anymore, we are not sure which way to go with it. Has anyone got any advice on long term letting or selling our property. We are obviously concerned about doing the right thing financially.  Jinksy

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There is the oldest member there the 1000 members so why not now the most read topic and the best topic the winner should have a gift from anglo for his participation.

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Dear Admin. I think BT have finally got their act together, I've just received my first newsletter!!!!Brian

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We apologise for the sometimes sluggish performance of AngloINFO over the past couple of days. The site has been subject to a "denial of service" attack (DoS) since Saturday. We are taking all the technical measures we can to keep the site up and running, while we implement various ways of compensating for the performance "hit" which is an inevitable feature of such attacks. Thank you for your understanding. -----Forums Administratorforums@angloinfo.com

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I know it doesn't really fit in the general "helping" sceme of things but have you (the sysadmins) ever considered a board for funny stories??? The reason I ask is cause you have a wide member base of Brits in France and lets be honest I doubt one of us has managed to exist here without supremely embarrasing themselves in public, just thought a little board where people could post there nightmarish stories of language or social "accidents" would provide a lighthearted relief plus give all those people who are just starting out a bit of encouragement that things do occasionally go pear shaped with amusing consequences but it's not the end of the world. Like I said, just an idea, I know you have the general board but I didn't really think it would be good to clog it up with those sort of posts

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HiCan any one help with this problem.I run Windows 2003 server - everything works fine except Logon to Angloinfo. I log on and it says I have logged on continue but if I try to post or reply to email it says I must log on ???I have no problem with Windows 98 on the same PC (Dual boot)I have just installed Netscape 7.1 on the Windows 2003 server system and - no problem with angloinfo.I have relaxed every setting I can find with Windows 2003 IE but still have the same problem.98 works fine 2003 fine with Netscape but not with IE.Been tearing my hair out for 3 weeks now any ideas ?Angloinfo is the only site I have this problem with - I am sure Angloinfo is not at fault just IE under 2003.Any ideas Bob lolJoeResident - Huelgoat - Not often enough lol

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Hi Bob, I posted in the early hours of this morning, it came up then but seems to have gone now, was it not appropriate, or has it been placed somewhere I can't find. Subject was an agents website that I found on Angloinfo,  but now have lost, need to contact her before the ferry on monday. Can you help. Divaling.

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Hi Have just posted a topic, pressed enter twice after subject so there is no message. Can I delete this please?

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my parents live in 35, combourg to be exact, not too far from Rennes, they are interested to know if anyone knows of an english speaking church in or near their area.  Can anybody help?

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Can I drive a 7.1/2 ton van on my licence either with English or French plates as I could in the UK. Rosmary Mears

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We are considering a move to Brittany.  We are unsure of where to look. We are looking for an areawhich has: an established english community with good schools and lots going on for a 10 year old girl. A farmhouse requiring renovation, that has outbuildings with the potential to turn into Gites.  We would like to be within 30 - 40 minutes of the coast. We have around £60.000 for the project.  Any useful tips or information would be greatly appreciated.  We also require somewhere with employment potential.  Please help us

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On returning to the UK a couple of weeks ago, I noticed there was a furniture dip and strip place near St. Malo.  I have several doors which could use the dip and strip process but I was wondering if there was somewhere closer to St. Brieuc or Lamballes.  If so, what's it (the process) called in French and where can it be found.   Also, we have a grenier in the house which has been closed in using old doors (as indicated by hinge marks in the wood).  We want to take it down and simply but up a banister with spindles.  We are currently in the process of obtaining planning permission for some windows but do we need planning permission to change this stairwell? Also, does anyone know where we could obtain spindles chealy? 

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Please remember that you must not post copyright material to The AngloiNFO Forum except as allowed by international copyright law. Unless you are an expert in such law (and, in the case of a marginal point,have first cleared the matter with the Forum Administrators) this can be taken to mean: "if you didn't create it yourself, don't post it". This extends to (and beyond) newspaper or magazine articles, text from elsewhere on the Internet, jokes or one-lines you have heard or read, and so on. If the material exists elsewhere on the Net, please link to it rather than quoting it. -----Forums Administratorforums@angloinfo.com

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I posted a topic on the forum  entitled area 56, I had quite a few replies, infact I was still getting relpies until a couple of days ago, now I can't find my posting anywhere.  Anybody any ideas how to get it back? Julie HONEY

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Dear Admin, Just put a posting in under The Great Debate, and to my surprise it doesn't come up under Forums Home as a recently discussed topic, then I realised that I was not alone, last time I look there, there were only 3 or 4 postings. So basically TWO things: A/ Admin, this seems a bit stupid, as there are a lot of posting that are no doubt unread by alot of members, or is there some special reason? B/ ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS, If you haven't checked out The Great Debate recently, go ahead, there are lots more subjects there and you can really let yourself go (respecting the forums rule of course!!! n'est-ce pas ADMIN?)Kenavo!Dan

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Dear Santa, ................. and finally, Santa, may I please have a new heading added to the AngloInfo site .... one called "French Language".  I know that this was (kind of) touched on before and that BoB, etc. kindly said to feel free to post any requests regarding French language whenever we liked but ... (a)  ... there is so much I would like to ask re. colloquailisms, slang, local usage, etc. that I would feel like I was almost "intruding" if I did this under other headings, and am therefore slow to do it. (b)  ... scanning through the site content, there are some real little jewels regarding the language, and I can't help regretting that they are all so scattered and lost in the jungle of other topics.  How wonderful it would be to log in sometimes and be able to choose to read postings only on the topic of language and soak it all in.  You can't imagine how helpful it would be - especially with the postings coming from people on the ground answering queries that can't be answered in text books.  Oh the bliss! (c)  In AngloInfo I have come across invaluable advice and information on all sorts of topics relevant to my future life in Brittany.  It is a wonderful site ... difficult to fault.  When I arrive in France next May I would prefer, as problems arise, to mostly be able to ask my French neighbours and friends for knowledge rather than refer back to an English-speaking site.  It would be great if AngloInfo were to try to facilitate this happening for me and any other members who would aspire to this ... even if we are in the minority. I guess that's it, Santa.   Honest!  Byeeeeeeeee Helena  

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It would appear that I'm also locked into this one too!  The only way to log off one site is to log into the other and vice versa but I can't get out off both.  Heeeeeeelllllllllllppppppppppp!!!!! xx xx

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Due to a network-related problem at the Florida datacenter which houses AngloINFO's servers, the sites suffered from performance problems from about 05:00 today before becoming unavailable at approximately 07:15. The problems were caused by a "distributed denial of service" (dDOS) attack suffered by the datacenter, but should now have been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience this 11-hour hiatus in AngloINFO's operations may have caused. It's good to be back!

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Just a thought, admin Forum any chance of setting something up like this for central France, this is such a brilliant site - far better than anything I  have looked at

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...is today if you're a teacher, but only tomorrow if you're a pupil - contrarary to the impression given by this week's AngloINFO Bretagne Update... Apologies for any confusion that might have been caused by the newsletter... -----Forums Administratorforums@angloinfo.com

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