started by: madame-angeline-391106 · last update: 1479820880 · posted: 1479673803

Is it possible to edit a Free Classified if you have made a mistake in the text ? Have searched throughout the site but cannot find an edit option anywhere. Surely this is a basic requirement ?

started by: Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 · last update: 1479325893 · posted: 1479325893

Has anyone used TAD - Transport on Demand - i.e. subsidized Taxi service operated by Cideral.  The boundaries are to be changed wef 1 Jan 2017 and that means I have to change my Dr etc.  I should anyone who lives in Merdignac to contact me by PM ref the above.

started by: Jo-Jo-408921 · last update: 1478616787 · posted: 1478163550

looking for an HVAC engineer for repair of our hear pump. pPlease contact us at email adjolimode@gmail.com

started by: calapez · last update: 1478017273 · posted: 1477992455

is there a way to edit my postings

started by: calapez · last update: 1478017131 · posted: 1477826275

each time I complete the info it states it is submitting, then stays on the page and does nothing. If I try to leave the page it tells me it won't save

started by: Hersfelder-421149 · last update: 1477486433 · posted: 1477481202

I am unable to complete a posting due to the above error message.  I see that I am not alone.  Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

started by: Balli · last update: 1477424852 · posted: 1477424852

How do I edit an advert I've placed on here? Thanks.

started by: maggi0302 · last update: 1477323083 · posted: 1476430533

watch out for this email address, its a scam (jamestefan19@gmail.com)

started by: stevietee · last update: 1476462471 · posted: 1474301224

micheal gee is a scammer troiling the classified adds,be warned

started by: Wovan.co.uk-446583 · last update: 1476442888 · posted: 1476439962

Hello Support,I've added my business to your business classified section but there doesn't appear to be any way to add the logo.Can you help please?Many thanks.

started by: dogged · last update: 1476301864 · posted: 1476192685

Hi, Has anyone any light to throw on the problem of traveling to Brittany in December from the north of England? I need to be in Lorient for a court Case on 15th December. Any suggestions? 

started by: Patrickbzh · last update: 1476273540 · posted: 1476272572

I've had two obviously scam responses to my advert in the classifieds. The email from AI includes:"And if the message looks spammy or suspicious please flag it for our attention." HOW??

started by: Chris-North-871471 · last update: 1475735674 · posted: 1475734571

Hi. Yesterday I put an ad in car & vehicles to sell my Hyundai Santa Fe & made a mistake with the mileage it should have been 107000& not 10700, could someone change this for me.Many Thanks.Chris 871471

started by: Drivinghorse-416542 · last update: 1475416004 · posted: 1475413132

Hi, I placed an advert on free classified on friday for a registered Pure Bred Dales Mare, how do I mark her as sold? it doesnt appear on my account page? thanks

started by: Julie29-422714 · last update: 1475331644 · posted: 1474616337

Please can you tell me how to edit a classified ad. Our chickens are now all sold

started by: Que si · last update: 1475319611 · posted: 1475302712

Please can you deregister me? I would like you to delete my profile and all my details from your AnggloInfoNormandy and AngloInfoBrittany sites. I have searched for a way to do it directly myself but can see no obvious way to do this.Many thanks

started by: hereatlast22-429165 · last update: 1474915559 · posted: 1425389934

Can anyone tell me how to delete an Angloinf account please

started by: attoo · last update: 1474699097 · posted: 1474373827

On behalf of a friend who has had some work carried out by a registered workman ,the work was shoddy and unfinished a case of a cowboy builder , Having paid the majority of the monies the builder left without finishing the work ,he is insisting with bullying tactics that the balance of the devis is paid even sending two police officers to the house , \Where can they go to get some advice , and who would deal with a situation like this , Thank you in advance for any help  

started by: Dentarthurdent-797340 · last update: 1474443963 · posted: 1474397410

Cant even reply to a comment about deleted adverts,   I'll ask again, Why was my advert deleted?a response would be nice, you have my email address, and not just a deletion  

started by: jessie Baud 56 · last update: 1474347459 · posted: 1474210854

Why can we no longer private message people? OR if we can, how do we now do it?

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