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is there a photo booth in rostrenen

started by: Fitter · last update: 1473766450 · posted: 1473765550

As on the general discussion forum, there seems to a spate of unnecessary reporting presumably for fun or just to annoy.Sarah - when a post is reported do you actually ask the reporter the reason why they are reporting it?

started by: tonybojtor · last update: 1473609047 · posted: 1473608289

I've been trying to post some items for sale but the site will not let me upload the photos. Judging by the amount of for sale adds with no photos I guess I'm not the only. Has anyone had this problem or know how to rectify it. Thanks 

started by: Pennypops · last update: 1473222896 · posted: 1462373287

Can anyone tell me how to edit an advert? I have not been able to find any way to do it!

started by: bellis.perennis · last update: 1472571611 · posted: 1472555950

I was very disappointed to find that the Classified  section of AngloInfo has no obvious search facility.. Cosmetically, the new-look website may be pleasing to the eye, but if it doesn't do the job, then it falls at the first fence of quality control. Specifically, I found an item for sale and  registered my interest. When I logged on to the site I was unable to find the ad...

started by: The Greens · last update: 1472485906 · posted: 1472225739

Cannot mark item as sold.  I see I am not the first person to have this trouble. Please, please, Angloinfo can you sort out your website.

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As not everyone reads the 'Health' section. I'll repeat this plaintiff call here. Does anyone have a recommendation for a surgeon in Vannes for this procedure. In accordance with Anglo rules please email me privately if you can help. Thank you.

started by: racerbob · last update: 1472293871 · posted: 1472225919

How does one do this ?

started by: vic-383004 · last update: 1472029050 · posted: 1471547276

Trying to remove my free classified ad but the "mark as sold" button seems to be out of order. Can admin remove it for me please

started by: Victoria -Scott -867362 · last update: 1471875499 · posted: 1471695175

Hi, we need to get two hens vaccinated and health verified before taking them to the UK. We are prepared to travel an hour away if necessary. Can anyone help please? 

started by: F4VPJ · last update: 1471349112 · posted: 1471254005

Trying to place an ad, the website won't let me!  Can you help?

started by: Fitter · last update: 1470994849 · posted: 1470939278

Sarah - Despite mission control employing dozens of web developers they seem unable to re-instate the email reply function to adverts.This has been going on for months now - why?A web developer pal says it's about an hour's work - why can't they do it? 

started by: Paul-Walker-866610 · last update: 1470844785 · posted: 1470826524

dustless floor refinishing

started by: le motocycliste · last update: 1470682511 · posted: 1470682511

Admin,I am unable to cancell my advert, No.1469608719  For a Moto-Lita steering wheel.Please can you do it for me,Thanks

started by: jlewis-930400 · last update: 1470404339 · posted: 1468388510

I had a lot of difficulties posting some items for sale, including adding photos and there also seems to be a problem with the telephone number not being available on some of the postings although I entered it on all of them. I had an email notification as the buyer couldn't see the telephone number although I had entered it. Now, having sold a couple of items I cannot mark them as being sold. No indication why and therefore not a well-written system which should at least tell you if you are doing something wrong. Has anyone any ideas as I don't seem to be the only one having problems with this.

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Hi can anyone please tell me how i get from Plourac'h (22160) to St Malo (ferry) by train please as i havent got a clue.... Thx

started by: yamaha-538067 · last update: 1470239379 · posted: 1470220961

Please can you mark some of my postings sold as I am unable to get the icon to work

started by: Fitter · last update: 1470232362 · posted: 1470217889

Could you please mark my log splitter advert(s) as sold - have tried to achieve this by pressing the sold button but nothing happens.

started by: Fitter · last update: 1470057280 · posted: 1470053897

Sarah - could you please add the price of €200 to my adverts of this morning for the log splitter? - I posted the price but it doesn't appear on the ad. Thanks. 

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