started by: Marc -louis · last update: 1470038961 · posted: 1470038303

At long last Ai as become more user friendly.No need to pull what is left of the hair in viewing the classified, Not before time.. Thanks Ai  

started by: Lintia3 · last update: 1469805398 · posted: 1469803704

HelloAre your classified ads free like they used to be?Kind regardsLinda

started by: zebra101 · last update: 1469439154 · posted: 1469369849

It was mentioned that in order to protect ex-pat rights/medical etc it would be good to take out Citizenship but you have to be resident in France for 5 years and the process can take 1 year to 18 months to process.   And you are not allowed to even get it in process before the 5 years.  If you have only been here for 3 years and have to wait another 2 years before you can start such a process - what happens if Brexit takes effect in 2 years?  There will be a period of 1-2 years where ex-pats will not be covered with medical/residency rights etc.  Can we start a petition to the British Govt that they negotiate that our rights will be protected over here if there is a time lag in getting our citizenship/dual nationality etc processed?  There are a lot of ex-pats that need their medical/rights protected who do not yet or will not fulfil the residency requirements by the time Brexit takes effect!

started by: rhys1 · last update: 1469117488 · posted: 1469018299

Are discussion topics removed after  just a week now ?   I can't see any dating further back, whereas they used to stay up for some months ( which was useful actually as not all advice / suggestions is/are  date urgent ).

started by: dogged · last update: 1468051093 · posted: 1467907785

My tenants gave notice to leave my property very correctly, ten called me two weeks in advance of their date to leave saying that they had left and were in Germany, and had been for 10 days, having taken all their belongings. What does the law say about leaving a property empty without notice? The question is not about payment...RSA saw to all of that...but my oblivion to an empty house. Does anyone know? Thanks for reading. Dogged.

started by: Ziggy Stardust · last update: 1467967116 · posted: 1466576913

Does the messaging system work for the ads? I've enquired about 2 items and had no response. I have no idea if my message got to the seller, or if it did get to them but I didn't get the reply, or if I've just been ignored. Anybody know if it is working?

started by: france54 · last update: 1467722364 · posted: 1353773545

i need to change my email address on here and have gone through my account and found nothing, any ideas what i need to do!!   bridget

started by: honey-384499 · last update: 1467722351 · posted: 1348315629

Hi All Can anyone tell me how to change The price on a classified add or how to remove advert when sold or mark sold.     Regards John

started by: plenty22 · last update: 1467722323 · posted: 1349914077

Am I doing something wrong or has the system changed? When I try to print the replies to a topic all I get, besides all the adverts to the left and right of the page, is the name pf the person who initiated the topic or who replied to it, together with the date and time posted. The interesting message inbetween is missing. What has happened?

started by: dangermouse-440611 · last update: 1467722294 · posted: 1347738475

hi anglo info please help me when i try and reply to an advert the form is only half there the bottom is missing so i can not send it and the same happens if i try to contact you.thanks derek

started by: lottie13-403657 · last update: 1467722227 · posted: 1349555904

how do you edit a free classified, Ive had a quick look but can't find how thanks

started by: POLARBEAR-442549 · last update: 1467722190 · posted: 1347844796

why have I been blacklisted. I hardly go on here!

started by: Mead29 · last update: 1467198035 · posted: 1467198035

Please can anybody tell me  what the commune tax is?  We have recently sold a house in Brittany and, although we have paid the Taxe Fonciere for last year (the Acte de Vente was signed on 29th December 2015) the Taxe D'habitation was not payable by us for this year.   We now gather that we have to pay the commune tax, which has been quoted at 750 euros, which seems very high and ?for what.Can anybody help to enlighten  me please?  Nobody I have asked seems to know what it is and have never heard of it.

started by: nickyg9100 · last update: 1466967297 · posted: 1466967297

This site is so infuriating.... Not just the buy and sell site, but now I'm trying to register my business, and press the last button to continue.......nothing happens.....then I loose all the info I've spend time putting into the various boxes.......then it says type in the relevant URL for my website...I Have!!!!!! But no Anglo info is not having any of it!!! OK I give up!

started by: dogged · last update: 1466947132 · posted: 1465668858

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started by: TerryR-385906 · last update: 1466597875 · posted: 1466592216

I access the discussions via the "Recent discussions" page (https://www.angloinfo.com/brittany/discussions). When the page is first displayed, there are 10 topics displayed sorted by the time of the last post, which is at it should be. On a typical day, these last posts range from a few minutes ago down to about 5 hours ago, Once again, this seems reasonable.If I then click the "SEE MORE RECENT LISTINGS" button, the last post time of the first one is always about 2 days ago.Are we to believe that there are always exactly 10 postings in the last few hours and then nothing since about 2 days ago? 

started by: blancmange-428893 · last update: 1466522389 · posted: 1466512548

Every time I try I press the icon and get a message saying that content is being submitted but it never does

started by: Murphyg · last update: 1466515431 · posted: 1466515431

What has happened to my weekly e-mails that used to arrive each Monday?I no longer get them.

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