started by: Rog-383007 · last update: 1466445498 · posted: 1466437795

I received my Ordures Menageres facture today and it has doubled. Anyone know why please? I have a house in the Haute Vienne.Thanks

started by: La Chouette · last update: 1466239995 · posted: 1461677832

This site used to be brilliant.  You would find pages of interesting adds in large quantities for anything you can think of.  Now it is empty with only half a dozen adds per day.  They chose to re-launch it with a wonderous new system which has turned into a nightmare.  For God sake do something or the Site will fold without trace.  Nothing works properly and no-one is using it from what I can see.  It is a shadow of its former self. 

started by: Red October · last update: 1464958803 · posted: 1457853436

This site needs a complete re-vamp, I think I will give you one month and then I will start a new site which does what the customers want.We need to see all new adverts as soon as they are posted, free uploads of photos and easy to follow discussion groups, not too difficult is it.

started by: Maggie-Moon-852143 · last update: 1464619035 · posted: 1464597239

Anyone know what the adaptor looks like or where to source to plumb uk washing machine to french 16 mm cold water

started by: muddypaws,dirtyfloors · last update: 1463937239 · posted: 1460715320

Such a shame that this website has changed and now is almost impossible to use in rural areas. We live in a zone blanche and it will not upload data - bearing in mind that a large part of brittany is rural, has very slow internet speeds and limited data if you are on satelite, why oh why was it changed will be using the other sites from now on until this improves.

started by: Brad.Swain · last update: 1463918062 · posted: 1463908688

I have been trying to list a business and having a problem but can't find a contact link to get assistance. Is there a phone number or email link. I have tried the contact link at the bottom but get no response?

started by: lauraseifenblase · last update: 1463775177 · posted: 1413324859

hi  i have had now 2 scam emails regarding my items for sale. Both wanted to have my Bank Details and also my address.  Please be careful and don't give anyone your Bankdetails. Here are there Email addresses: alancarrick1459@gmail.com  h.colt2005@gmail.com

started by: david.chatfield@hotmail.co.uk · last update: 1463633251 · posted: 1462186778

Does anyone know of an English speaking Sweep in the Le Faouet (56) area,

started by: Marko Polo · last update: 1463484216 · posted: 1463413524

In the discussion pages there are ads on the right hand side, which I presume Admin add from their end. What about adding, in the guise of an ad, a 'Contact Admin' box, which stays at the top?

started by: Marko Polo · last update: 1462982728 · posted: 1462637309

Hi Richard and SarahCould you please indicate what the criteria are for the deletion of a post or topic? And do you get in touch with the poster before anything is done? I'm not looking to have any particular post or topic deleted, just trying to clarify for the users here.

started by: Paul240480 · last update: 1462897399 · posted: 1462883718

Hi. I like the look of the new site. Navigation is easy. However, where is the search button? Say in vehicles for sale, I like to search on a particular model, or in general, why can I not search for say, 'coffee table for sale'.Can we have a search button please Admin?Regards

started by: XLR · last update: 1462855515 · posted: 1462116853

I've submitted a classified ad but for whatever reason it has decided to upload the photos in the wrong order and the text has not appeared correctly.I can't see how to make any modifications. I go to My Angloinfo > Postings and the only option I get is to mark the item as sold.How can I modify the photos/text, or adjust the price if needed?Thanks.

started by: Marko-Polo · last update: 1462549668 · posted: 1462546875

Sarah/Richard, sorry for your loss.Are you entitled as franchisees to enlist the aid of others? I'd be willing to help.

started by: Pam Jones · last update: 1462531184 · posted: 1462437221

I have placed a classified ad for a cooker for sale twice , once 6 days ago and after that was removed again 2 days ago. Admin have seen fit to delete them and on my angloinfo it is marked as sold which it is not! I want to contact admin to ask what is going on, but cannot find any way of doing so, does anyone have the answer?

started by: GSX1400-872996 · last update: 1462178712 · posted: 1462178007

HiPlease can someone tell me how to change price on an add.The add is yellow renault master i would like to change price to 1300 euros if admin can do it for me

started by: Fitter · last update: 1462115933 · posted: 1462112012

Hallo Support,Perhaps you may have have noticed that a very large proportion of AngloInfo private classified advertisers apparently live near St Guen according to clicking the location tab on classified adverts.Having presumably paid out  to purchase the mapping app for your website, could you please take some time to make it work properly?

started by: Tilia · last update: 1462107369 · posted: 1461868389

As the title says. I tried to contact someone privately, go to their profile, put a message in the Envelope icon, click send. And there it stays. Doesn't 'go' anywhere. What am I doing wrong ?

started by: heartstopper · last update: 1461760060 · posted: 1461739351

i have a current free ad for our renault traffic  which is now sold, so ive signed in to site here, gone to my anglo, clicked on my postings and despite many it says i have none! ive clicked on all my personal settings to try to access the ad to mark it as sold , but to no avail. can anyone tell me how to mark it as sold as it is not reconised i have one single post on here! altho i have many.....and dosent show my classified ad so can change the status. anyone help?

started by: two doggs · last update: 1461603210 · posted: 1460275475

Just to say that i have reduced looking at the site and in future will not bother at all. No improvement in fact going backwards.Keith Hotchkiss

started by: roliver · last update: 1461570427 · posted: 1461514922

Tried to put on a 'free' advert but every time it goes to the paid section.  Driving me mad, so any suggestions gratefully received.

started by: