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A friend of mime cannot log in he receives a message saying user & password combination incorrect. I told him to ask to change the password he has tried several times receiving the Emails saying click here he does another box appears to enable password change he does, receiving notification "success your password has been changed"  But when loging in again  the whole process is repeated again & again..What is Ai problem??  any answers ...     

started by: Marc -louis · last update: 1460975885 · posted: 1460582826

When people are placing adds a box with a post code is needed & should be filled up before you can advance .I never knew so many ex pats lived in or near St Guen.. .

started by: Koshka-444764 · last update: 1460741894 · posted: 1460741894

I sold an item this morning which I had advertised on Anglo Info( the buyer had seen the ad on another website).Thought I had better mark it sold but when I tried to do it, the ad came up "sold 5 days ago"  How can that be?

started by: Westwood-385193 · last update: 1460701203 · posted: 1460042224

Hi SupportJust clicked on your "Property" heading. It brought up  the following text highlighted in yellow...I was logged in correctly.Unable to identify you - please report this! Ref: 3WWS67Y/GZ8qmD3IgBD8t+yMqjv7MRJHd5tm+RKq53ENzp9QAH3RsaK2e/z3TJFr2xlhClF8rggGQitonQ8WYd7ornRsfa+chuBV5IPHEnQxyyCnmk3fFz9T0HO5FaW0l3DYMjM9Qt2jTArKv20D+oupLkOZXAQMkPcaeCYaJXlj8oEhM8ELZEa1tXstB29wOqUC7r2poBdx9yLywK4Fbg==

started by: Fitter · last update: 1460700860 · posted: 1459450041

Despite ticking the "remember me" box it is necessary to log on every time when posting or replying to a post - Why?

started by: Koshka-444764 · last update: 1460642234 · posted: 1459945298

Can anyone tell me how to do this please?Have tried dragging/dropping and also clicking on browse but neither work

started by: Koshka-444764 · last update: 1460561323 · posted: 1460322371

Just spent several hours (off and on) trying to place a classified. Didn't manage it but someone else has - 22 times for the same advert!

started by: ferrandiere · last update: 1460530059 · posted: 1460485306

Don't use this much these days, took me 3 attempts to load an advert. The item has now sold via another site, but I am unable to mark it as sold. In fact according to My Anglo Info I have no postings or classified at all! 

started by: jeffs1 · last update: 1460311518 · posted: 1459871703

hi is it possible to live on £6000 per year? i will be mortgage free,no kids just me and her growing my own produce etc.i'm 62 and wife is 57 we have simple lifestyle,looking to slowdown a bit.thanks for looking

started by: falabella · last update: 1460215344 · posted: 1460215237

They all froze at the submit stage and I had to start a new session to add the 2nd and 3rd .  I went to check and one was visible.. now I can't find any of them.  No email to confirm... nothing.. Gosh this site is MAGIC!!! So if anyone finds my breadmaker in Household appliances or my coffee maker in the same area please let me know.. I also had a camer stand in camera stuff but forget that one.. its just too difficult..

started by: missycat-10042362 · last update: 1460119684 · posted: 1460117915

I placed an advert under Household - General,  received an e-mail to say it had been posted successfully,  It dosen't appear under General, so where is it being advertised,?

started by: clive mccormick · last update: 1459864184 · posted: 1459864184

I do not like the changes you have made.  Its very difficult to reply to messages received from adverts.Why undo something that worked and easy to understand.

started by: Barrie73 · last update: 1459696166 · posted: 1459594362

I have every sympathy for the Franchise owner of Angloinfo - Brittany. Unfortunately when a website Database is destroyed it is virtually impossible to recover.Links to crucial information pages still do not work and the supposed change to a mobile friendly format has failed. My Android devices have the same issues with the site as with my Windows Laptop.Seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding about user and search engine friendly design requirements. Normal search engines read TEXT not pretty graphics on website pages and yet the focus has moved from an easy to use, mainly text format, to a graphic intensive design which takes ages to load  for the average user to read. Whoever decided the changes has a lot to answer for. Site revenue I believe will drop as historic users vote with their feet!

started by: Barney12-993739 · last update: 1459439744 · posted: 1459439744

I hate it for navigation ,why can't people leave things that work alone.

started by: canadienne-439650 · last update: 1459429735 · posted: 1459349146

This site is terrible.  I can't get to any of the posts I've done, and I really need to refer back to them from time to time.  The grey on grey is hellish on my eyes, which aren't great at the best of times.  If it stays this way, then the site will be useless, since it's impossible to navigate.  I'm with everyone else - go back to the old format!

started by: Rudge · last update: 1459421940 · posted: 1459416242

ADMIN, any idea when we will get a readable typeface, the lack of contrast is difficult to read for us senior citizen, Nothing wrong with black, grey is not good .

started by: Rudge · last update: 1459419660 · posted: 1459416396

ADMIN - when posting a topic it says an email will be sent when topic is live , I have never had one yet !!!Does anyone else have this problem ?

started by: Rudge · last update: 1459412361 · posted: 1458820104

ADMIN  - When I go to EVENTS , say Antiques and Vide Greniers the -WHERE box does not allow me to enter anything! I have tried this a few times but no success in specifying a location, so the list that appears has events all over the place  and not in a particular locality . Not much help if I just want to look at say , Morbihan events 

started by: dudley duval · last update: 1459332805 · posted: 1459332805

this site is now rubbish,rubbish ,rubbish not user friendly no date post marks and when you look through classified i don't want to trawl through 50+ adverts to get to the things being sold .put them on a advert page of there own sorted ????  

started by: Annenain · last update: 1459274719 · posted: 1459073133

Hi, I can't seem to navigate your new site.  Can you issue some instructions.

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