started by: Koshka-444764 · last update: 1459073503 · posted: 1458982249

I used to browse your site almost every day. Since the launch of the new one, I've not looked for about 10 days. Hoped that, by now, it would have improved. It hasn't.  The old site was so much more user friendly - If it ain't broke why fix it?

started by: pokerface22330 · last update: 1458989852 · posted: 1458988530

This new website is not an improvement, it is absolutely awful.  It is difficult to navigate around, there is not as much content or information and has totally put me off logging in at all.  I used to browse this site for all sorts of things but no more I'm afraid.  And people have told me that if adding a classified there is a charge for uploading photos!!  That is disgraceful.

started by: Rudge · last update: 1458897492 · posted: 1458760509

ADMIN - I click on a page for classifieds, then a page starts , before I  can click on a topic the page jumps to a different layout , it can take a few extra clicks before the page stabilises sufficiently for me to use it , very frustrating at times .

started by: Rudge · last update: 1458888517 · posted: 1458760124

Can we please have a date on topic/classifieds, I replied to a classified and it was posted weeks ago  - I had no way of telling this 

started by: castokes · last update: 1458816418 · posted: 1458767363

not keen on the new website. i cant get it to load more pages on classifieds. liked the old format much better. think i'll stick with leboncoin from now on. shame.

started by: vcpsubs · last update: 1458646050 · posted: 1458577621

Hi, What's happened to business listings ?  Just looked out of curiosity as wondered if our listing has changed - but it's completely gone. Can understand that there may have been a lot of really outdated stuff on there, but NO communication from AI to say that info would disappear, nor to say pls update your business listing. Very poor pre-planning & customer service. With all the teething problems, not sure who will relist now - or even if it will still be free as before.

started by: hoffroader35 · last update: 1458590093 · posted: 1458463801

I have e-mailed AI to ask what I'm doing wrong but no reply.Can I assume AI doesn't really want free ads?

started by: ScarboroughWhites-442058 · last update: 1458587648 · posted: 1458312414

Has anyone heard or seen anything from the 'Owner' of the AI - Brittany site since the change over to this 'poor' new design ? I know they were never that forthcoming - unless it was to delete posts - they must be seeing the monies they earn shrink by the day after AI HQ has taken their cut ? Not something to invest in at the moment.

started by: hoffroader35 · last update: 1458483093 · posted: 1458463038

I am trying to post a free classified but keep being told that CAPTCHA is incomplete. Why?

started by: Theswerve · last update: 1458460473 · posted: 1458203822

Today my photo has reappeared on my profile !  So come on you silhouette people , put a photo ( any photo) on your profile and brighten our day !

started by: Dellen-949995 · last update: 1458421166 · posted: 1457870471

I'm not enjoying visiting Anglo Info. It was simple before to just browse through. Why change it?

started by: DarrenB · last update: 1458384058 · posted: 1458148706

Terrible upgrade on Classifieds. No pics allowed on free ads will ensure that stop people using the service before long. And when you do submit an ad, there's no acknowledgment after the capcha to know it's gone through.

started by: Fitter · last update: 1458379710 · posted: 1384202541

When clicking on the box marked "last" on a thread with multiple pages, it does not take you to the last page, or the last post. Could this please be fixed, all other forums that I inhabit have the facility to get to the last page or post.  

started by: winda1 · last update: 1458305631 · posted: 1458304112

I've spent 1/2 hr trying to put an classified on, realised after downloading the photo 5 times that you now have to pay, but when I did try to continue without photo, clicking on 'free classified' , which by the way is hard to find amongst all the other add ons, then told to click the symbol and nothing happens.  Giving up and post my items on other websites that are free to download a photo.  Not impressed by this design Angloinfo.....needs serious tweaking. 

started by: vivaofsnape · last update: 1458298571 · posted: 1457772009

can you tell us the name of the company (or school) who did your web design. I want to make sure they don't come anywhere near my web site

started by: falabella · last update: 1458291043 · posted: 1458250280

Hi support, just in case you haven't got a list yet this should start you off. 1  When notifications to replies to discussions come through by email the clickable link marked 'here' doesn't work.  So its very hard to work out what discussion it was... 2  When you reply to a discussion you are asked to sign in and then it doesn't take you back to the discussion but to your own profile page.  So then several back spaces are needed to get back to where you started. 3

started by: EcoGnome · last update: 1458205757 · posted: 1458200990

Yes ok every time there is change, someone will complain.I have been a member of Angloinfo in several communities in France and Italy for many years.I have paid for advertisement and bought services/product from profesional classified advertisers who are your real customers of interest!!! Without them your site will fail.This morning as for several days I have tried to navigate the site, I have had so many "Oops!" messages, something is drastically wrong here!I also have had to create a new profile just to raise this posting to you. Which I can not edit.

started by: Pappi-10068015 · last update: 1458174005 · posted: 1458174005

Pale grey text on a white background provides insufficient contrast to read information clearly, especially on a tablet. Please take note of users complaints or they will desert the site.

started by: skye1-427240 · last update: 1458152459 · posted: 1457789378

why have you let your 5 year old design the new website!!

started by: Philealing-398803 · last update: 1458148856 · posted: 1457883576

Why when I click on an ad photo does it not take me to that add but to the top of the Classifieds menu (I think)?Why do I have to click on any menu option twice before it registers (iPad)?Why does the site not seem to function on my iPhone 4?Why is there a long number (prison?) after my profile name?Why is the cmplete list of discussion postings under the menu option Angloinfo Support? (Found by chance!) Why why why?

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