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has anyone taken their car/small van, french reg but previously uk reg back to uk recently. can you just say how you re registered it in the uk, uk reg has been confirmed as still on dvla computer, thanks

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Does anyone know where in Brittany and towards Nantes a secure place to store a camping car?

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Im sorry I click 3x of my previous message. Help me to delete the other 2.Also I want to ask why the end of my message was cut off?Im desperate of a Bariatric home care bed, including uplifter and grab handle. For my husband. Please help us call me 97810927.The one I saw os 1,500 euros too expensive. Thank you.

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We need to move our caravan a short distance from Josselin to our friend's house but it has to be towed by an English car and we don’t have a towbar.  Can anyone help?

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Hi Our usual go-to guy is moving back to England and not taking on any new work so looking for an individual who works independently (ideally, rather than a garage) to do some bodywork on our car (Audi A4 B5 Estate 2001) The rear right wheel arch needs to be pulled out to enable a new door to be fitted (we'll have the door to put on, obviously). English or French speaking, no worries.We live in Evran 22630.Many thanksEllie 

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I am absolutely baffled by the laws regarding tyres on cars in France. Over 3 years ago I was told that all 5 have to be the same if you have a proper spare tyre. Just been this morning to get 3 tyres two on the rear and the spare, Firestone Multitrack, and because these were on already no problem. However, it would be 3 weeks before they arrived! So I asked the garage owner about a different brand and he could supply some Pirelli ones. Great I said can I have 3? No you can have 2 or 4! He then said that in France the tyres on an axle have to be the same not all 5. So I'm going to finish up with 2 Pirellis and 2 Firestone and the best Firestone as spare. If I have a puncture on the Firestone I'm fine but if I have a puncture on the Pirellis I'm illegal as soon as I put the Firestone spare on! DE

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Okay, if this sounds convoluted - it is. We are Anglo/Swedish family living in Northern Europe. Twice a year we visit my family in Guernsey, C.I with our pets. Because of arcane laws, the only entry point to Guernsey from France is by ferry as a car passenger (in other words foot passengers are not allowed to travel with pets). To date we have been travelling across Europe by car (2 days in each direction) and taking the car ferry. An alternative, we would like to explore is to take a flight to CDG followed by a train to Bretagne and use our cheap Guernsey registered 2008 Honda to go back/forth with the pets.In order for this to work we are seeking a barn/field where we can leave our car for 6 months at a time. The car is pretty maintenance free and will be covered - it might need 'turning over' once a month.  The maths only work if we can pay a low parking fee.  If you have such a space, we'd be very happy to talk pricing.  Many thanks in advance

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Please Please please can anyone help - I am tearing my hair out.I have French registered my car and am taking out French insurance for the 1st time, they keep asking for a le relevé d'informations for my car,  but I have no idea what this is or where to get it.I have provided my driver history from DVLA, My UK Insurance policy,  No Claim Discount statements from 2017 to Nov 2021, driving lisences, and my certificate of immatriculation along with my old V5.Does anyone know what this is and where to get one please? Any help appreciated

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I have lost my V5 for my UK registered car which has been off the road in France for 3 years. I want to insure it here in France. can anyone help?

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Can anyone tell me where to get official photograps for my driving license. (Finisterre area). The one in Carhaix is having difficulty printing the oficial photos.Thanks, Peter

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Hi, can anyone recommend someone who could organise a french registration on an UK vehicle.Thanks,Paul

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Mechanic to repair /replace rear axle seals on 1974 mk 1 transit, twin wheel camper van . Mobile mechanic preferably but can drivr van if not too far.Call Dave on 07754339138

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Does anyone have any information on changing an English Licence to a French one please, sites to use whether I can find someone to help etc.

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Does anyone know of a reliable "man with a van" transport service in the Pontivy / Josselin area?

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We are looking for a replacement windscreen for a Citroen and have been quoted 500€ for the pleasure.Does anybody have any ideas for a cheaper option as we have been quoted £120 for them to come and do it at your home in the UK,so 500€ for the same product seems a little excessive. Before anyone says it I know we are in France!!Libby

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HiStone hit the screen and cracked it today, has anyone had a screen replaced under UK insurance in France, any issues?

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Hi All, during my recent visit to France my car broke down, and is properly poorly! I have tried getting the car back myself after a 600 mile 15 hours round trip we failed as the trailer was too small, despite being assured it will fit! If i were to cut my losses and scrap the vehicle, is there a way of doing it in France, do they have scrap yards who come and collect? It is currently in a Renault garage close to Dieppe. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I have got the " control Technic " , and all other relevant paperwork , but there seems to be no  info on the ANTS site of how to get the new reg:  plates   ? does anyone  know the next step please ?

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Hi All Does anyone know if the DVLA will accept French Insurance Cover when re-registering a UK car?.we are returning to UK mid July and have arranged for our current cover to continue till 1st Sept to give us time to sort the paper work out. Also the Car will need a MOT in order to be re-registered will it be issued with the French registeration? or can we have it with its former Registeration? ( We still have its old plated. and we understand this number wil just be reinstated) If the MOT is issued with the French reg will the DVLA re issue a new MOT with the new/existing number? Thanks for any info on this subject    

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I'm trying to get some up to date information on whether you can  still use beam benders on a RHD car to pass a CT test? The law changed in 2018 which allowed them in the test and I have had one car pass last year using beam benders, but the garage is now saying that they will not allow them now!   I can't find any up to date info on the subject, does anyone know the answer?  

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