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We are looking for a replacement windscreen for a Citroen and have been quoted 500€ for the pleasure.Does anybody have any ideas for a cheaper option as we have been quoted £120 for them to come and do it at your home in the UK,so 500€ for the same product seems a little excessive. Before anyone says it I know we are in France!!Libby

started by: ItchyFeet · last update: 1609428018 · posted: 1609000241

HiStone hit the screen and cracked it today, has anyone had a screen replaced under UK insurance in France, any issues?

started by: aaron-John-907035 · last update: 1599311999 · posted: 1502449065

Hi All, during my recent visit to France my car broke down, and is properly poorly! I have tried getting the car back myself after a 600 mile 15 hours round trip we failed as the trailer was too small, despite being assured it will fit! If i were to cut my losses and scrap the vehicle, is there a way of doing it in France, do they have scrap yards who come and collect? It is currently in a Renault garage close to Dieppe. Any advice would be much appreciated.

started by: apples-426462 · last update: 1595663940 · posted: 1595583615

I have got the " control Technic " , and all other relevant paperwork , but there seems to be no  info on the ANTS site of how to get the new reg:  plates   ? does anyone  know the next step please ?

started by: ginag-417048 · last update: 1594046236 · posted: 1372856686

Hi All Does anyone know if the DVLA will accept French Insurance Cover when re-registering a UK car?.we are returning to UK mid July and have arranged for our current cover to continue till 1st Sept to give us time to sort the paper work out. Also the Car will need a MOT in order to be re-registered will it be issued with the French registeration? or can we have it with its former Registeration? ( We still have its old plated. and we understand this number wil just be reinstated) If the MOT is issued with the French reg will the DVLA re issue a new MOT with the new/existing number? Thanks for any info on this subject    

started by: Kathryn -Hague -959917 · last update: 1587719382 · posted: 1587719382

I'm trying to get some up to date information on whether you can  still use beam benders on a RHD car to pass a CT test? The law changed in 2018 which allowed them in the test and I have had one car pass last year using beam benders, but the garage is now saying that they will not allow them now!   I can't find any up to date info on the subject, does anyone know the answer?  

started by: sarah -Page-959662 · last update: 1587377155 · posted: 1587377155

Question are all BMW service agents in Brittany closed during the confinment period please I have a computer fault with my BMW3 which needs rectifying. Thank you

started by: lover · last update: 1582365045 · posted: 1582047256

Hi, I have recently returned to the UK and brought my car with me. The car was originally bought in the UK and I took it to France and had it re-registered in France and is currently fully French legal. I now wish to re-register it in the UK again. I understand I have 6 months in which to get it into the UK system. I have visited the DVLA website but it is very confusing. Can anyone please help ? Thanks for your anticipated replies.

started by: emslloyd-405400 · last update: 1581543392 · posted: 1560922833

Hello, seeing as the price of second hand cars is higher in France, anyone have experience of buying a LHD in the UK? Or does it work out about the same as there are not many LHD dealers over there?Thanks

started by: emslloyd-405400 · last update: 1581543391 · posted: 1560922822

Hello, seeing as the price of second hand cars is higher in France, anyone have experience of buying a LHD in the UK? Or does it work out about the same as there are not many LHD dealers over there?Thanks

started by: halodare1 · last update: 1581252853 · posted: 1581252853

Hello, I just received the french driver licence by exchange and would like to refresh driving in Franch.  Can anyone recommend English speaking driver instructors in Rennes?   many thanks

started by: Annajayne-Harris-950004 · last update: 1580556891 · posted: 1580556891

Does anyone know of a place in the rostrenen area that scraps cars? I have a UK car, off road but in running condition with some good parts. 

started by: JaynePatricia · last update: 1580064079 · posted: 1580064079

I am booking a 4 day trip to france.  My friend is unable to go so I have spare capacity.  The cost would be 65 for the ferry and petrol if needed.  Can drop off at St Malo or in the direction of Laval.  I should be doing the trip in mid February.

started by: edward101 · last update: 1579893124 · posted: 1579509439

hello, I am selling my (right hand drive) 2013 citroen jumpy, as I no longer have my own business. The van is a 1.6 liter diesel, five speed and has 125,000km. It is in great condition, but has a few marks on the rear bumper due to age.  It has had new brake pads all round, also the tyres were changed last year. The van comes with a tow bar and a roof rack. The controle technique will be done for the sale. I am selling the van for 4300€. the van is perfect if you are struggling with left hand drive. please contact me via email for information,thank you 

started by: allumikings-kings-953706 · last update: 1579602602 · posted: 1579602602

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started by: stagthelad · last update: 1570272849 · posted: 1294235925

need help with timing and hiff44 carb setup on a austin mini langonnet area 56

started by: donkeyollie · last update: 1567542268 · posted: 1567542268

looking for someone who can come service my tractor, small size,in Peumerit Quintin.Basic...oil etc etc

started by: Bob-Johnstone -942977 · last update: 1566379296 · posted: 1566232871

Can anyone tell me where I might find an address for Hymer France to obtain an Attestation de conformite partiel as  constructors of the body. I have an Attestation de conformite partiel from Fiat for the chassis.I was told the address to use was Hymer S A R L, BP49, RN66 68702 CERNAY Cedex. but this has not been recognised by La poste when I sent my request with my a copy of my UK registration document and HYMER series No. from the constructors plate.The customer service department in Germany would send me generic technical service sheets for 50 euros (in German) and conformation of the date of supply of the vehicle ex factory. I feel this would not be accepted by the French authorities without a translation. Apparently Hymer France will supply an official certificate.Any help with an address would be appreciated.RegardsBob

started by: misteerious · last update: 1564128315 · posted: 1398445450

Hi. Just wondered if anyone knows anything about this. Took a U.K. registered car for a C.T. today and he said he couldn,t test it till i had a letter saying it conformed to french standards. Can,t remember having to do this before. Does anyone know if things have changed. Thanks.

started by: Bod · last update: 1560614214 · posted: 1560614214

We're looking for a specialist in LPG motors in the Brittany area. I've had a couple of recommendations in St Pol de Leon and Brest, but so far no reply from them. Has anyone any experience of other companies please?

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