French tyre laws.

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I am absolutely baffled by the laws regarding tyres on cars in France. Over 3 years ago I was told that all 5 have to be the same if you have a proper spare tyre. Just been this morning to get 3 tyres two on the rear and the spare, Firestone Multitrack, and because these were on already no problem. However, it would be 3 weeks before they arrived! So I asked the garage owner about a different brand and he could supply some Pirelli ones. Great I said can I have 3? No you can have 2 or 4! He then said that in France the tyres on an axle have to be the same not all 5. So I'm going to finish up with 2 Pirellis and 2 Firestone and the best Firestone as spare. If I have a puncture on the Firestone I'm fine but if I have a puncture on the Pirellis I'm illegal as soon as I put the Firestone spare on! DE

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iwanttoliveonaboat 1316872748

Ive had a van thats passed its CT with different tyres on all 4 wheels no problem, they were all the same size and type though different manufactures. If you are worried about the tyre not being legal after a puncture carry the punctured tyre until you have it mended and tell the gendarme you just had the puncture. I dont see how it can be a problem as the space saver tyres are not even the same size and its ok to drive about on those. Have a look at tyres on cars on car parks you will see looks with different tyres on the same axle

padyham 1316884161

My car failed the ct on one front tyre; I said to ct garage theres a tyre depot on this road , will you pass it if I go right away he said yes.
I went to the tyre depot and they said I must have two!!!! He said if a tyre is changed on the same axle they have to be both new; I Had to buy , ct passed ; Depot said the ct man wouldnt pass it with one new one on!!!! Took the good one home after the ct man checked both; what a racket

Roger-384594 1316884820

The rule is that both tyres on each axle must be the same IE 2 plus 2 they can vary between front and rear axles. Odd tyres will not be a reason for a contra visit neither will tyres worn below the legal limit. Although both of these cases will bring a fine if the gendarmes stop and check. The only time a tyre will be the reason for a contra visit is if there is physical damage to the casing.

Huey-407259 1316891637

The information I have been given is that all tyres must be the same spec as the originals supplied. ie I had a set of low pros and they were unsuitable!

Each axle is supposed to have the same tyres each side..

If the tyre is illegal, you will need to have a return check within 2 months. (As I was required to do)

There have been previous postings here on this subject, particularly illegal tres within the return visit period. The problem to my recollection was never properly resolved.

Renaze53800 1316893978

Roger NEARLY has it correct. You WILL be advised to contra-check IF the tyres upon one axle are different. And same if ANY of the tyres fitted are damaged OR below the recommended pressure inflation wise. But NO you do NOT have to have all the same tyres fitted just the same tyres on the same axle is all.

And yes if you do have a puncture the gendarmes WILL accept the fact you have the punctured tyre in the boot BUT do get it fixed as soon as is reasonable as they WILL look out for you and twice caught in the same day and you WILL get fined and points!! BUT once the tyre is repaired either by puncture repair or tubing or even replacement casing it does NOT mean you have to have the other tyre replaced!! You ARE allowed to have one tyre new and on part warn as LONG as they are both the same tyre tread etc.

evenevenmoreantibs 1316906929

Fitter: depth of tread across 3/4 of the width of the tread.

In the UK but in France it is 1.6mm across the WHOLE width of the tyre.

FWIW my car passed it's CT with 3 different makes of tyre.

Roger-384594 1316942942

The confusion arises from the fact that the requirements regarding fitment and condition of tyres for a vehicle to pass a controle technique are not the same as the laws relating to the same. Odd tyres should not bring about a contra visit but should be listed under defects to be corrected without requiring a contra visit . Damaged tyres will require to be replaced and a contra visit carried out. These are the rules as applied by the controle technique centre which I use on a frequent basis. (once or twice a week) It may be that, as frequently happens, other CT centres choose to interpret the regulations differently.

fetler 1316944465

What I think is the problem is, there are TWO types of Tyre construction. STEEL and RAYON. You cannot have mixed types on the same axle. The same as in the UK

Niklar5 1642215808

I had a UK cop try to prosecute me for a ''bald tyre'' because, he said, it had ''one inch of tread missing'' on one edge,

Later, I pointed out that the tyre was 8 inches wide, and  therefore it was only one eighth of the tyre width. The cop had exonerated me, with his own evidence!

Why do I think all cops are thick?

Christophe-Morzedec-977542 1642586168

The farmers in my region have various sets of legal tyres, all of which are 'rented out' between them so that a vehicle can pass its CT - and then they change back and put any old sort of tyre back on again, until the next CT!

The legal tyres never get worn out, because they are never used!

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