Long Term Car Parking in Barn/Field - Brittany/Normandy

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Okay, if this sounds convoluted - it is. We are Anglo/Swedish family living in Northern Europe. Twice a year we visit my family in Guernsey, C.I with our pets. Because of arcane laws, the only entry point to Guernsey from France is by ferry as a car passenger (in other words foot passengers are not allowed to travel with pets). To date we have been travelling across Europe by car (2 days in each direction) and taking the car ferry. An alternative, we would like to explore is to take a flight to CDG followed by a train to Bretagne and use our cheap Guernsey registered 2008 Honda to go back/forth with the pets.In order for this to work we are seeking a barn/field where we can leave our car for 6 months at a time. The car is pretty maintenance free and will be covered - it might need 'turning over' once a month.  The maths only work if we can pay a low parking fee.  If you have such a space, we'd be very happy to talk pricing.  Many thanks in advance

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We have a property 1 km from St Georges de Reintembault. There is a bus service from towns with railway stations, e.g.  Fougeres is about 20km away. We are not living there at present so could not turn the motor over. We do however have a very obliging gardener come in and mow the lawn on a regular basis so something could be arranged. What sort of rent would you be expecting to pay?

P.S. We are thinking about selling the property in the future,  it has a very small "tiny house" on and we expect to sell it for about £20,000.

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