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Anyone know where I can find a barn dance over Christmas?  Or, if that's a bit unrealistic out here, who'd like to help me organise one? Volunteer singers and dance leaders required!Kemperle

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Clover-382222 1102845112

We have Fest Noz in Brittany. Never ever heard of a Barn Dance, it isn't that sort of culture here. You could always start a new trend up though.

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Sounds a wonderful idea - we have a large open barn, but it would be more suitable for a summer bash. If you're interested, give us a nod come springtime (I don't know any singers/musicians, 'though I'm sure they're not lacking in this part of the world). At the very least, a decent hifi system would be good enough. We can always sing along to the well-known ones!

Reg-386355 1102887441

Yes, I know the guitarist you're referring to - Thierry. He's really great but I think you might be getting just a little bit carried away with yourself when you call Kerien "a hotbed of musical activity"! (OR ANY OTHER SORT OF ACTIVITY, COME TO THAT!!!!!!!)


piper-386356 1102889871

thierry's agent informs me that, should you book him for the barn dance, his fee will be a particularly fine bottle of single malt whisky.


Reg-386355 1102923390

Done! Now we just need a barn ...


lagadu-383178 1102943614

Umm - there seem to be some posts missing from this thread ? Are we talking about Thierry the guitar teacher ?


Reg-386355 1102959822

Yes, that's the one! Perhaps a few of us could persuade him to include barn-dance tunes in his repertoire. After all, not THAT far removed from the Acadian/Cajun style ... What d'you think?

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slightly off topic, i know someone in your area who used to have a dog by the name of lagadu - is it a breton name, perchance?


lagadu-383178 1102965762

Aha - lagadu is the name of my dog, who is white with a black eye.

Lagad = eye and du = black in breton.

Quite a common name for such a dog.

And my neighbour told me the other day she met 2 kittens called lagadu and work it out!

And a barn dance much removed from a festnoz ? I would say they're very similar except at the festnoz the dances aren't 'called'...


Reg-386355 1102966451

OK, OK, I suppose I'll have to accept that barn dances and festoù-noz DO have quite a bit in common - I was just hoping to surprise my daughter, who was quite taken by the barn-dance-type dancing in "Thelma and Louise" ... And, apart from any other considerations IT WOULD MAKE A NICE CHANGE!!!! (We're rather well-accustomed to festoù-noz "chez nous" - enjoy them terrifically, of course! - By the way, there are two NOT TO BE MISSED fest-noz coming up after Xmas: one in Kemperle and one in An Treoù (Le Trévoux) as part of the "Taol Kurun" (thunder-clap) festival.

piper1 1102968188

the youngest of our 2 daughters, aged 13, went to a barn dance quite recently. it was her friend's birthday outing. she thoroughly enjoyed it. maybe if we make it to the kemperle area when you're having a barn dance she could help out a bit on fiddle. come to that, BOTH of them could fiddle for a bit. oh yes, and my husband has been known to strum a tune or two on the guitar. as an organist, i don't think i'd be much help. (i understand there was a super organ and bombarde concert in kerien quite recently.)


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