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Has anyone found a way of being able to use bbc iplayer in France? I am loathe to pay for a vpn before I know it definitely works. I have tried three or four free vpns but iplayer always detects the ip address in France.

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Rich by name 1612404533

we use Express at home both BBC and ITV players work fine I think you can get a free trial

RonC 1612431282

We use express VPN, it works on both phone and laptop, but if you want to use it through sky, satbox you will need a VPN enabled router, this should by pass the problem. Make sure your VPN is set as London 

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1612436767

I have never heard of any free VPN offering UK server identity.  I think the VPN suppliers are very aware of the significant numbers of people that want access to Iplayer, etc. and are taking the opportunity to cash in.  

itinerant child-414831 1612449975

I use surfshark and have had no problems from it in the few months that I have been using it. I get both bbc and itv with no problems and a good quality live streaming when watching live sport on the computer.

First thing to make sure is that you are using a british server when using your vpn ( stating the obvious maybe ) !

Sometimes bbc I player may block on first attempt,but just hit the refresh icon and it will kick in straight away. If it does not then just clear your history and cache then refresh.

I have never not been able to get access to I player yet.

I paid about 50 quid for two years with surfshark which is about the price of two months live sports streaming access through many sites so to have access to iplayer,itv hub and faster streaming as well as much safer surfing with military grade decryption it was money well spent.

There is also a kill switch option on the surfshark site meaning that if your vpn goes down then it will automatically cut off the internet connection meaning there is no blindspot for hackers and scumbags to profit from.

A decent vpn is a must for me as I live on the road and use public wifi all the time which is one of the most dangerous wayds to surf the net without protection.

Hope you find something that works well for you soon xx

Kay2015 1612681900

itinerant child-414831, good to know you are well and still offering great advice.  I agree with all you said here.  I too use Surfshark and agree, it is great and very good value for money.  It's a must to click on a UK server, though find I need a French server for my lap top for faster service.  Keep well.

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