Christmas Festivities?!?!?

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Hi there, Just wondered if anybody has thought about Christmas yet? Well I know we don’t really want to think about it but I feel that we really need to organise a big festive party for all us poor immigrants that have been lucky enough to move to France. After all, it will be VERY quiet if we have nothing to do! I have the space for hundreds so if anybody is interested or even better, wants to help to organise something please drop me an EMAIL! Regards Arty  

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eezyrider-384060 1100045924


Where you located?

karensage-384175 1100099928


Are well behaved children included in this idea or is it an adult only do?  It sounds a great idea but without babysitters we would be stuck!  Keep us informed but I reckon it would be a lovely idea.

Arty-384514 1100113437

Yes all children welcome!

I am looking for some feedback from people who have organised these things before for ideas and to make sure that we arrange this in the proper safe way that it is supposed to be.

Not sure of the location yet, I am sure kitty would be able to help me on that one!

Any ideas (sensible) welcome.


LaCheshireKittyChat 1100120244

Hi Arty

I would be happy to help!! I would love to be involved in a Christmas 'do'... maybe a cookie exchange? Or Chestnuts and Carols? Mince Pies!! (I used to literally make hundreds for the college at christmas... but here in France I only have a hob... no oven)

So... count me and my two kittens in!


Arty-384514 1100136551

Great Kitty, really appreciate it thankyou!

Drop me your number via email and we will get our heads together and let these people on AI know what they have to look forward and where etc.



Sara-384289 1100537540

My neighbour (english) who is a bit of a dancer and singer wants to organise a panto, any interest there


Theresa-382418 1100538210

Hi Arty


Obviously need to know the area but would not mind chipping into a big party.  Would be a really great way of meeting people.



Heather-383952 1100538605

Hi Sara

Where abouts are you?  I know my husband would be very interested in a Panto - we are in 29.


nijan.griff 1100557079

Hi Arty,

Sounds a great idea, me and my hubby will help, and I know our kids would love the chance to meet other english kids, so definately count us in.


jan & nigel

Sara-384289 1100598872

We are in area 22 Dinan


Arty-384514 1100701886

Doesn't seem to be much interest??? or perhaps people have not seen this? Whatever the case, I will remind you.

We are arranging a christmas party!

...if there is enough interest!


MurrayB-385277 1100702702


Sounds cool, as we are only over now and again. Love to help out and meet people :-)




London UK
Plouaret France

Kirst-385661 1100721750

Where are u tho?


karensage-384175 1100863098

Hi Arty

I'm still interested!!  Where are you though?

Clover-382222 1100866851

I've read this posting and cannot understand why the poster has not said where he or the said festivities will take place. Brittany is a large place and for some members of this forum it is not easy to get to where most of the previous events have taken place. I for an example live right up on the north west coast which is a good hour from Carhaix going inland so travelling at certain times of the day or week are impossible. If you don't want to post the address,and I certainly advise anyone using the internet NEVER EVER put your personal home address on ANYTHING,you could always say within so many km's of the nearest large town or village. After all,we don't know your real surname so you are protected by that.

nade 1100871148

Hi Arty

count us in,,, if can help in anyway just drop me an email.  we live just outside of carhaix!! have you any ideals of where or when! 


c2oafc-383379 1100886122

mee too...

but a general location would be a good start...


Democracy Rules... is it okay for me to say that??

fluffy bunny 1100910653

i thought you were in normandy, arty? st pois region, maybe? where's the party happening? put me down for a big bowl of salad.


Arty-384514 1100912757

Sorry for not getting back sooner.

We are in the process of arranging the party, and I am in talks with others regarding a suitable location etc, as central as possible so that as many people can make it as possible. The main event organiser has been uncontactable so please hang in there just for a little bit. As soon as we have a location and dates etc I will post on here for you. We originally wanted to know who will be here for Christmas, and who would be interested in attending a party. Sorry I have not been able to put it all together sooner than now.

I am in 56, I was looking for properties in Normandy for friends.



nade 1102968392

Hi Arty

how are things going with the chrimbo get together! is it still on? just curious would be nice to put faces to names! 

Merry Christmas


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