Christmas Turkeys available

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A friend of mine has a boucherie and when I asked him if he could get Turkeys for christmas, he said.......No problem. So being a generous sort of chap I thought I would see if anyone else wanted FRESH turkey, ordered for christmas. His boucherie specialises only in farm reared, top notch (label rouge) meats and poultry so none of your battery farmed rubbish. I know  as I have been with him whilst he buys direct from the Farmers. If anyone is interested , please email me and I will pass your details on. He is based in Cotes d'Armor. He was going to get back to me with the price per kilo.   James

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Jerry-383397 1101208972

Can he - your friendly poultry farmer/butcher assure you these birds are free of disease?  Report on R4 this morning reporting that 73% of Turkeys bred thruout the UK have 'Simon and Ellie' (sorry real spelling eludes me!!)


Paimpol 1101222720

Look on the bright side Jerry, should you get salmonella from one of the boucherie turkeys you can sue.  If you buy from a less respectable source you cant.... 

Bon Chance.  Paimpol

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