Cranberry sauce

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Managed to locate or beg from UK all the other bits but totally forgot about cranberry sauce - anyone out there know where I can find it in 22?

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Samantha-382568 1103404443

Doesn't exist here, but you can find frozen cranberries at Picard to make your own.

sa130 1103405052

Widely available in English epiceries around the place. Also spotted at Carrefour.

Alison35-385907 1103408938

Pen, email me your address (by private email) I'll post some ;o)

millymollymandy-385006 1103446165

I've seen it in Super U Combourg but I can't remember the brand name. Anyway I've tried this one before and it's horrible. Thankfully my brother in law has just brought some over.

Pen-384884 1103576906

thanks everyone, have managed to get hold of our son before he left UK and given instructions to bring it with him!

JimBob-382667 1103579360

Why would you buy the stuff in cans? MAKE YOUR OWN!!! If you need a recipe, email me..........

PS It takes 15 minutes

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