English Cinema Anyone?

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Sometimes I hanker after going to see a film in English at a cinema, Thanks to AngloINFO, I've found that fairly locally, there are films in English available. The big screen really does make all the difference. The only problem is, I feel odd going alone - does anyone, male or female or a family or group feel like going to see a film and maybe a beer? Lanester would be my preferred place to go, apparently this week the film is Raising Victor Vargus , which looks interesting. Anyone out there interested?  

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Great idea! If anybody is interested perhaps we could get a small group together for next week? I'm in the area too.

clairethomas 1062290954

youre on if you fancy it?

I desperately need to think about something other than how to best keep swimming pools clean or remove wee stains and smells from matresses !!!!!!


bi y'all

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