Freesat problems

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Are other people having freesat TV problems. Very poor or no reception since the bad weather. Picture comes and goes, very pixelated and message on screen saying no signal! Or is it just my lnb not working? Thanks

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Fitter 1515052137

Not a satellite expert at all, but our Freesat is working fine, so likely to be something to do with the dish.

Wilbury Traveller 1515053667

I've had that for a while now.  When it rains, no signal.   I've had virtually no tv for a month now.  I have Bart from Parabolica coming out today to sort it out.  He's the guy to get in touch with.  02 96 29 85 06     Hope this helps

bartyb 1515054000

Issues with FreeSat, Sky or whatever are ALWAYS a local problem to you.

Heavy rain will exacerbate any existing issues, making a system that works fine in the summer play up as the weather gets worse.

The symptoms you describe are most likely a dish that's slightly out of alignment and after the recent winds that's no big surprise!

Tim-Reardon-918525 1515054466

Thanks. Between this storm and the last one, the signal came back,  hd channels not good,  BBC and ITV. Would this still be dish alignment? Tim

RonPelley 1515063262

The wind will most likely will have moved your dish out of alighment. While someone watches the TV gently move your dish up or down (vertically)  noting what happens on the TV, then try moving it horiztally. Only move  it very gently as  even small movements will make a difference. If you are abIe to get your signal back, check the signal strength on the  Freesat decoder  via the settings menu. Once you have good signal strength tighten all the bolts on the dish mounting very gently. 

Artemis-Sphincter 1515070452

More often than not it is the slight misalignment during or after a storm that is the problem.  Unless you have a decent sat finder gadget or a second person to watch the tv screen while you do the tweaking up the ladder it becomes a costly exercise.  My simple but possibly mad solution was to mount the dish at ground level.  It avoids the worst of the high winds and if it goes out of adjustment and needs attention it is much simpler and safer to fix.  It was easy to install.  I drove a short length of scaffold tube into the ground in a convenient spot for the dish and then simply used a garden spade to make a narrow slot between the dish and the house.  Pushed the cable (in a length of cheap gaine/conduit) with a stick and then into the house in the usual way.  Probably not a useful method in a block of flats or in situations with a lot of obstructions but it works a treat for me.

Tim-Reardon-918525 1515080811

Thanks for all the replies. Fiddled with the dish this afternoon, most channels back withe good strength and quality except for ITV  HD. No signal. Any ideas?

countrydweller 1515086808

Also there may be a cracked LNB or cracks in the insulation of the wires coming into the house which have been exacerbated by the driving rain

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