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Pro guitar player recently relocated from UK to central Brittany, looking for work, all styles covered. Previously have done an Eric Clapton tribute show, rock/pop/blues/rockabilly.Pro gear, transport, PA, lights etcGet in touch for a chat.Thanks Mick

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Briand-382322 1515497612

Hi.  Central Brittany is a good place to be as you can easily travel to Rennes, Lorient, Brest etc to play.  I notice they are looking for band members for various tribute bands such as Telephone and Johnny Hallyday.  Most of the information comes from the three web sites and the bars where musos meet up.  Our local bar which has a slot for a band once a month had over 40 applicants for the 12 slots but hopefully you can find your niche.

All the best tell us when you are up and running.

Brittanyguitarplayer 1515502996

Thanks very much for responding, appreciate it.

could you tell me what the 3web sites are please?



Briand-382322 1515505849

Hi Mick.  The sites are sorted by Departement which does make it time consuming if you are in central Brittany. oazik, zinkinf, easyzic. We are now retired but found players this way. We copied what others said!

All the best

slide player 1515694330

Hi there Brittanyguitarplayer, best of luck finding people to play with, I gave up after searching for a few years. The music scene is totally different here.

P & S-10058146 1518439653

Good luck with finding the right musicians to play with. Pity you are 2 hrs away which rules things out I think. As slide player says the scene over here is very different to the UK as I am also finding out since I arrived just over 2 yrs ago 

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