Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy ??

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Has anyone ever seen this being repeated anywhere ??? Just wondered . . . . . . . .   regards,Les

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Blue Skies-381719 1064692890

Hi Les,

Don't Panic

I'm sure it'll come

You can borrrow my four episodes of the trilogy - in French - I lost the English version - the names change slightly - but onky to protect the inocent..............

Kind Regards....

Les Palmiers-381714 1064704897

I had a big crush on Sandra Dickenson . . . . . . . . . . . ;-)



Fuchsia-381948 1064836519

I've got the whole thing on vid if you ever go by Neant Sur Yvel - you're very welcome to borrow it.  I had a crush on David Dixon (Ford Prefect). 


Jen :-)

mike-381710 1064837864

It's not expensive on DVD if you mean the TV series....

Alternatively, there's the first series and the second series of the radio version, if you're a purist...



Blue Skies-381719 1064853163

That's how I became a fan - World Wide Radio in aprox '76 - then the books and finally TV

Anyone fancy putting in a € and we'll meet at The Restaurant ?? 

bob-381779 1064862398

Im a stingy Northerner,

thats why i wanted to borrow it!

So thank you, Fuschia, I'll be in touch :-)



Fuchsia-381948 1064870919

Well, Bob, after the advice on getting to Vannes for our Carte de Sejours, you are very welcome!

Best wishes

Jen :-)

Pam Morton-381801 1064956889

Hi Jen,

Do you live in Neant s/Yvel?   Les Ajoncs d'Or is pretty good!!!




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