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Hi all, does anyone have any ideas about local media in and around the villages of Pontivy. We live nr Le Croisty and feel that our intended busines would be good for both ex-pats and locals, but are unsure about local english / french media that is read! A card in local shops is good I know, but has anyone any other ideas at all? Thanks in advance.

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you can try this for french people: contact local newspapers as ouest-france, le télégramme, la gazette . They are used to make an article about new business.

For english people, i heard about "talking point" which is an english newspaper ( when ?) in the baud area . I'm sorry, don't know any contact.


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For more details about advertising in AngloINFO, see here




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post a card in the local maire, tabac and supermarket

Brits also seem to congregate at DIY shops!

local tourist office?

Rosie Jo

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