Lonely at New Years Eve?

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Lonely at New Years Eve? You're all welcome to come to us. Location Antrain, 10 mins south of Dol de Bretagne.  UK Tel 00 44 2380 811 411 or email lasarrazinais@aol.com. Fireworks, food, fun!  BYOB.............  2 double rooms, 1 family (double +single) and one triple (bunk beds + single) all available and of course FREE!!! Alison35

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Elizabeth-386011 1103235634

We won't be taking you up on that Alison but what a jolly and kind offer !!!! 


Have a wonderful time and merry christmas!



luce-386189 1103291419


Not many replies to your generous invitation!

The problem is that many are often suspicious of a free offer, maybe you should re-post and charge 500 euros a night..........you'll be inundated!!

Not a big fan of New year generally because I tend to dwell on what I haven't achieved over the previous 12 months. This year we shall be spending it French style with the neighbours round for a knees up and no time for remorse (hopefully!)

Have an Happy Happy New Year!!

Alison35-385907 1103311503

Hi Liz & Luce

Well I guess the offer is too good to be true then ;o)   I remember spending our first New Years Eve in Brittany, we had patio chairs in the front room, no TV but hey what a fun time (maybe).  We've moved on amazingly since then, offer still stands for lonely first years.

Wish you both a great time


jayb 1103316104

thnks alison for your kind offer. we are to far from you to come to the party but i hope you all have a great time. we will be over ,56 near locmine, our first new year in brittany. dont know what we will be doing. do the french celebrate in the local bars?


Alison35-385907 1103316883

Hi Jayb

You'll need to check your local bars a couple of days in advance to see whats happening, you'll also get to meet locals at the same time!  Good luck and happy celebs.

jayb 1103318685

thanks alison,we will check out the local bar.we have been in once or twice when we have been over and found everyone very friendly. my husband is just abit worried that if we become to regular he may get a kiss from the men not justa hand shake!!!!!!lol


Alison35-385907 1103322922

Lookout Jay, our neighbours give 4 kisses - most confusing!

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