Love escape to the chateau does everyone else

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How amazing the castle and its owners are love Thier dreamy romantic appeal even though they do show it probably through rose tinted glasses I do adore the series and the artistic features on it very nice too ESCAPE watching TV 

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countrydweller 1522070456

It is all fake and set up for the cameras

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LilyP 1522085189

Sorry but there are some things I really object to with this show - nothing to do with the people involved or anything like that. My reason? It gives people a totally unrealistic picture re renovation costs etc. He returns to the UK where he is able to earn a decent wad of money for the next phase. They are on a budget....but they install a lift?? It's enjoyable to watch....but do you really think they are doing it on a budget?? My husband and myself are renovating a holiday home and having to watch costs and if I went and spent three thousand euros on a van without asking him it certainly wouldn't go down well!

JB 1522096257

They are on a budget, it’s just a lot bigger than most people’s. I enjoy watching the programme at face value but I have to stop myself from getting wound up by the things the do that flaunt the rules and regulations in France. Yesterday, yet again, they brought a couple of blokes over from London to sort out granny flat. 

Joe-Huelgoat-383105 1522096786

He started on scrap heap challenge and now appears in food shows and his own series roaming about making meals out in the open with his son. His "tight" budget from what I can make out must run into hundreds of thousands.

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