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Anyone know where I can get mince tart mincemeat in 56 I have tried Super U and Champion, no luck.  Thanks.carolb

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Clover-382222 1102586982

What about the local Comptoir Irelandaise who sell all sorts of UK/Irish products. I get my golden syrup and black treacle from our local one as well as Irish beer for my husband.

TRIGGER-385429 1102589933

Got the mincemeat sent over from UK - just can't find any pastry cutters - any ideas? (Location 22)



prachy-383970 1102592933

La Creme Anglaise in Seglien.

nicktrollope-381989 1102596808

Or make it! even I can do it! (and it tastes sooo much nicer than the shop-bought stuff). 'er indoors has a recepie thatshe may be willing to divulge...


shoony 1102596970

It will take you much less time to make it than spend time looking, and yes, MUCH more tasty!! Recipe available if required.I emphasise, it's very very easy---once you've made it, you'll never look back!!Much cheaper too!!


Clover-382222 1102604598

Trigger have you tried using a glass or cup for cutting out rounds, they don't have to be crinkled.

Mrs Moustoir-384979 1102607202

I'd love to make my own but all the recipes I have include suet. Does anyone know what it's called here? And also where you can buy it..I'm in Ploerdut 56.


Dragoman-384676 1102613301

What we call suet, after translation (suif), becomes the French for tallow (as in candles).  The usual means of supply is in 'Red Cross parcels' from home.  My attempts to explain what it is and how it is used terrify my cleaner - and she worked in a local butchers shop for 20 years.

That said, it is a standard 'trade good' amongst British expats worldwide.  During the summer, I meta lovely lady called Dina who ran a market stall in Guemene (Thursday), Pontivy (Monday) and Josselin (Saturday) selling English foods, including Atora suet.  Seems a good place to start.  She could probably get jars of mincemeat too.

SOLDIER-383426 1102614257

The memsahib tells me you should try chopping  up a banana into small pieces and adding to your mix instead of suet - works well for vegetarians !

Mrs Moustoir-384979 1102620296

Thanks - good idea about the bananas..puts me in mind of what me old mum used to say about using parsnips in the war to "make" bananas! And know what you mean about the "red cross parcels". We've got a small supply which should see us through til twelfth night but I might be tempted to  "do a Delia" and make my own.


cazherts 1102676824

Please put the recipe on as a posting I am sure we would all like to see it, and I was wondering if you could substitute anything else for suet as I dont eat red meat so the banana sounds great.


millymollymandy-385006 1102684817

Sorry Mike but I spy 5 ingredients not available commonly in France!!! Anyone got a recipe suitable for people LIVING in France?

mike-381710 1102685499

Most of the ingredients should be easy enough to find at a "bio" or health-food store, except for the mixed spice (and you can mix your own). Dark rum can be tricky (but not impossible) to find and, anyway, that's where "substitution" may have to come into play...


TSF-384447 1102686972

Mixed spice over here is called Quatre Epices.  In all supermarkets.


rosa-383516 1103047693

Here is a more traditional recipe, never buy mincemeat it usually has things like acetic acid in it, and it is really easy to make.

Mix together 500g each raisins, sultanas and currants (or mixed dried fruit),100g chopped almonds,175g candied peel, 500g tart apples peeled and grated  (belle de boskoop is probably best in France, if you can only find sweet apples add more lemon juice), 500g soft brown sugar, rind and juice of 1 lemon and 1 orange, 1 teaspoon each cinnamon and nutmeg (grated), 1 glass brandy or more to taste, cheap brandy is fine.

I never add any fat as there is enough in the pastry, and the apples hold it together when cooked.  But you can add melted butter if you prefer.  If you want to keep it a long time you can heat in a low oven for 3 hours before adding brandy, but it keeps quite well in a fridge.  Pack in jars as for jam.


compass-386102 1103052342

Saw some Dark Rum in Leclerc the other day (Carhaix)

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