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Can anyone offer advice?? After hours of frustrating tuning menus i am at my wits end. My Mitsubishi TV that I have brought over from the uK wont tune into any of the Frnch channels. I am not sure if it will work ever, but it does have UHF channels that it can recieve broadcasts on. Does anyone have any clues or will i be resigned to watching hours of black and white fuzzy lines or worse have to buy a new TV!! Many thanks Charlie

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Unless your tv can be switched from PAL to SECAM (which would be very unusual with a uk bought tv) then it will be no use to you in France except for Sky satellite transmissions. All you will get are the black & white fuzzy pictures you've already found.

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you can get english tv, all the bbcs and itv3 free with a digital receiver (astra2) and all 6 french channels (5 degrees west of south) with a french analogue receiver which is usually less than 40 euros including a dish at diy stores.


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