Now that all the (lovely!) tourists have gone home

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Now we can drive easily down to Vannes or Quiberon or Carnac, Now that we can find a table easily at a restaurant, Does anyone of level headed and reasonable character fancy going out and getting sozzled?? I am just sooooo glad to get the place back to myself (sorry to all the french resident wannabbees here on their jollys, and thanks for your contribution to my staying in France fund!!!!)   bi y'all

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Carole-381843 1062510330

Hi claire,

Sounds wonderful, I would love to come, however, as I'm new to the area (Corseul) I'm not very confident on the roads, even though they are quieter!   Are you near?   Whereabouts are you?  

If I don't make it, have fun and hope the roads stay quiet for you (don't go on a wednesday as the children are not at school)


Eddy-381876 1062598236

Sure you echo the thoughts of many Calire. Again, like many I suspect, watched this space for the flow of replies and slightly surprised only two girls responded. We're a cautious breed but I hope your neighbours lighten-up a wee bit. It is nice to have visitors but it's also very nice to see them off. In midwinter will probably change my mind.                       

Leonie-381743 1062601255

My mum would always quote - I forget the phrase - but it's something like this: visitors are like fish, they go off after after three days.

Wierd that guilty feeling of relief as you lave the airport to go home to house that's "all yours" again :-)

Eddy-381876 1062613474

Sorry about the spelling Claire (Calire) probably get a rocket from the translation people.

Carole-381843 1062613934

Hi all

Talking of getting sozzled, has anyone got a good recipe for making SLOE GIN (not fast gin) as I've picked 4lb today and it's got my tastebuds watering?

mike-381710 1062617827

It's dead easy: prick the sloes with a darning needle and put 'em in the bottom of a jar. Add sugar. Add gin. Leave for a month (shaking once a week, or when you remember, at least). Strain, bottle and drink. I'm sure there are recipes with quantities, but I've always made do with what I've got - if the jar is about a quarter full of sloes (and totally full of gin), I reckon it's about right.


Carole-381843 1062669765

Cheers Mike (pardon the pun!)

I'll try that one and let you know about Christmas time what it's like.

Cheers again.

mike-381710 1062673806

According to this page by a devoted sloe gin anorak, I may be a bit light on the sloes - so take your pick... :-)

Pam Morton-381801 1062675189

Hi Carole,   The old Guernsey recipe is a third of each, sloes, sugar and gin!   The longer you can bear to leave it the more lethal it becomes....   Pricking the sloes is the boring bit but if you keep your mind on the results of the end product it passes quite quickly!    Cheers.


Tanguy-382046 1062750819


I made Sloe Gin for the first time last year and was instructed to leave it, after removing the sloes for a year to mature! Thus 2002's sloe gin is for Christmas 2003 and so on.

Have I kept it all hidden away for no reason??

Carole-381843 1063275713

Many moons ago I helped my sister pick sloes in September.    She then made the Sloe Gin and that Christmas we toasted all our hard work!   I can honestly say the gin was definitely brewed, delicious, however I don't know what it would have been like if we had saved it for another year.

So the moral to this tale is, I'm sure it would be ready for you to drink the same year.   I'll let you know about mine in December.

tmbfca 1063325309

Dear Claire

Try drinking with the locals - they're very appreciative if you speak a little French, or Gallo, or Breton, and very good company. They also have sozzled down to a fine art.




that strange woman

Fuchsia-381948 1064837593


We go down to Quiberon quite a lot and could meet up if you haven't gone off the idea by now!  Let me know where you are - we're in the Ploermal area.  

I too looked forward to the end of August but don't you find that a lot of things are only half open or being repaired now we have them to ourselves!

Jen :-)

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