Pre-Xmas get together??

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Hi everybody We live in La Roche Derrien and I was wondering if anybody fancied getting together before Xmas for a meal. There is a new restaurant just opened in the next village that does superb Sunday roasts and they would be willing to sort us all out with traditional xmas fayre, or just a good old roast for 16 € a head (4 courses). I was thinking of 5th December as there is also a traditional xmas market on in Pommerit Jaudy that weekend so figured some might want to have a wander around that on the same day.   Anyway if you're interested please contact me and we can see what sort of numbers we are talking about. Alternatively if you can't make that day but have a hankering for a traditional sunday roast, which does include real gravy, and real custard etc then again let me know and I'll email you the details. Hope some people are interested!!! Jacqui

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Kirst-385661 1101153373

Count us in Jac, one adult one child.



green-386069 1101154279


Hi there

We would love to come along 2 adults 2 children, let us know about deposits, if you go ahead.




jacqui-382424 1101201225

Thanks for the interest


Will have a chat with restaurant and find out about deposits etc. Ooooh am looking forward to it now. Will post the menu when I have spoken to them, also does anybody have a preference? Roast, or more turkey orientated?? or something along those lines? Plus if any vegetarians are interested then again let me know and will discuss option with restaurant.



Sara-384289 1101205778

What area are you


jacqui-382424 1101210165

Sorry should have made location clearer from the start..........

Area 22

La Roche Derrien is between Lannion and Paimpol, next to Treguier.

About 20 mins drive north of Guingamp, off N12.


jacqui-382424 1101210795

Sorry again for adding things all the time, should have been more organised at the start.......

Adults will be around 16 € a head and kids around 8 €, but will confirm this later today.



jacqui-382424 1101291833

Thanks to everybody who has already replied......we are all looking forward to meeting everybody new and old.

At the moment got around 30 coming, but figured if we could get around 50 then we will take the whole restaurant!!

Will be confirming the details in the next 24 hours........COME ON? WHO CAN REALLY REFUSE REAL GRAVY AND REAL CUSTARD, obviously not served together!!



rugby-385340 1101294663

Although we cant make the meal perhaps you could send us a copy of the menu as Sunday roasts and proper custard sound great.
Thanks Paul.

Paul Ashton-Evans

jacqui-382424 1101331651

Have put menu details on our website, as I wanted to use PDF format (easier to print out) and didn't know how to attach it to this posting; The cost is higher than I initially thought but that is entirely down to the end of the day I'm not the chef, so sorry to all about that. We are lloking at 25€ for adults and 15€ for under 8's.

The menu looks great, but as long as you let me know I will take orders for veggies and alternatives for kids if required.

My website for menu is:

We have nothing to do with the restaurant, just my hubby is good with websites and restaurant website/email is doing a "wanadoo" and not being reliable at the moment. So said it could go on our website for the time being.

Thanks to all, can't wait to see you all there.



manoir du launay - langoat 1101354245

Thanks a million Jacqui for the 'advertising'!  The 'Wanadoo' thing is behaving itself for now, so just want to let people know that if you are wanting to come to our place for the Xmas meal, but are having to travel a distance (and of course you will want a drink or two), then I can offer you overnight accommodation for an additional cost of 35 Euros per couple/family.  Check website for further info;



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