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Chantimor Chants de Marin / Sea Shanty group based in St Hilaire 56930 are  looking to recruit two Shantymen for the 2018 season.Your profile: Male. Easy-going. Can hold a tune. Fit. Able to commit to rehearsals on Thursday evenings & gigs throughout the summer. Ready to tootle off all round the Morbihan / Brittany & maybe further afield. (International stardom here we come!)  Ability to play an instrument: violin / guitar / accordeon / mouth organ ... a bonus. Our profile: 5 Brits, one brave French bloke and a dog. Ambition: Sing songs / drink / be merry Come and meet us for an informal chat, a coffee & a sing-song.Find  us on facebook: chantimor56 or website: www.chantimor.comContact: 

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Rumplestiltskin-898661 1511183449

Just making sure that it is not necessary to be able to play an instrument to come along one Thursday and give it a go.

MrsMiggles 1511260258

Ahoy there. Ability to play an instrument is just a bonus. We are looking mainly for good male voices.

Send an email to: and I will give you directions on how to find us.

Rumplestiltskin-898661 1511380147

Ok thanks for answering my question.

CharlieC-10058453 1511540925


Shame it's not the 29 St Heilaire! I'm in Brennilis, Nr Huelgoat 29690. I come from a sea going family and would love to sing shanties and songs, and did so with an Essex based Morris group and in folk clubs,for many years. Then having moved around quite a lot ending up in Cornwall with a family based in Cornwall became interested in shanties etc again.

Please let me know when you are in the area, love to see and hear you!


MrsMiggles 1511629051

Thank you for your interest CharlieC,

Yes, a pity that everyone who is interested lives too far away.

Where are all the gentlemen in and around Pontivy 56?

Emu-408495 1511632026

There used to be a session/folk night in Huelgoat but not sure if still on.  Perhaps someone else will know.

The Sunday afternoon session still takes place as far as I know at Les Fous, Carnoet.  Last Sunday of month so on this Sunday.  Lots of chorus songs, shanties and anything else people want to perform.  I think it starts aound 2.30

MrsMiggles 1511707570

Thanks for joining the discussion, Emu, with some interesting info. Maybe Chantimor will have a trip out there one Sunday afternoon, if we are invited!

Jivedance-411773 1511858338

Thanks also for the info Emu. Do you have to be invited or is it an open mike?

MrsMiggles 1520165054

Just to flag up that we are still looking for another male singer. You do not need to be Pavarotti! A rough, loud, gravelly voice that can hold a tune and keep to a rythm would be ideal. Come and join us now to be ready for the summer season! Contact: Find us on Facebook: chantimor56 and 

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