The festival of British Film in Dinard ??

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Has anyone ever been?? Or wants to go?? I didnt even know that Brittany had events like this . . . . then I saw the advert on the front page of Angloinfo. Best get my best frock out of the storage boxes, what fun! Natty,

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It happens about this time every year and is more than well worth a visit as there are often the odd (very) celebrities about, too.   The films are usually the best and newest available - I haven't seen this year's programme but who knows, you might just get "Calendar Girls".   Whatever, enjoy it.




Pam Morton-381801 1064783345

Whoops, have just looked at the programme and they are indeed showing Calendar Girls on Sat. Oct. 4th, among a good selection of others, old and new. 



Nathalie-381755 1064833836

Pam, I'm out of touch with the cinema, but now I have some more free time I'm going to make the trip, what fun!

And thanks angloinfo as i've just spotted that on the program page youve done, you link to information on each film so i can choose in advance . . . . . . well done!

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Pam Morton-381801 1064833966

Have a good time!


Fuchsia-381948 1064836366

Nathalie - where are you?  It does sound like fun to do a bit of 'star' spotting (tho reading the programme I'm afraid I've only heard of one of the judges!).

Jen :-) 

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