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We would like to hear from all you people if "Les Palmiers" deserves the, as yet "soft" verbal attacks he receives on this site. We feel that Les should be made President of an independant Brittany for English speaking people. What do you think? GeGe

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Nathalie-381755 1064682803

Chaton, did I miss something?? Who has been attacking, even softly, that lovely chap who speaks his mind and helps where he can??

Dont you mind Les, we will defend you!!

Eddy-381876 1064696002

I'm sure he can hold his own Nathlie however it's good to hear all views however we may disagree. Think we'll all benefit if views of the most timid are aired as well. I have resisted the temptation to add to the veggie crowd, love meat you see. Find the additions of Les helpful, sad to think that there must be a wealth of knowledge out there and so few who contribute. Keep up the good work Les et al.

Les Palmiers-381714 1064703769


Runaway2France 1071705582

...........not quite the word I'd have used Les.............. I just wish I'd spotted this thread a little earlier, just shows that I should pay more attention and not miss the boat as it were J (I'm just wandering about, seeing if I can spot the elusive 1,000 member, and failing miiserably, but then, I always hated Cluedo!  Shame really, I could do with a little holiday too )



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