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We have a holiday home in France, and last week our electrician installed a satellite dish. We  found it only contained home shopping, ads, etc, which is of no interest to us at all.  We need to ask for something more which will give us BBC etc. What do we need to ask for please.  Help.Sapphire

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mobo1975-383821 1095952193

buy a numerique box from any big outlet point your dish in the right direction and you should get a fairly good choice including BBC although not ITV

James-382784 1095975655

Make sure you buy a digibox of some sort that has a viewing card slot. It is possible that, within the next year, BBC channels may be encoded and you will need some sort of viewing card to be able to continue watching these channels.

jertsy 1096018059

is sky tv easy to get here?

i have looked around and seen all the dishes, and notice a lot of guys on here have it, but despite asking at gitem and darty (all i get from them is a stern NON!) i do not seem to be able to get any info on sky packages.

i am beginning to wonder if there some kind of illegal thing happenning here!

can someone clear this up for me?

martin&jayne 1096034769

I agree DIY installation is easy. I brought my sky system from Ebay for around £40 with a brand new mini dish. If you want to get really technical you can even buy a satellite signal strength meter from screwfix direct for £17.50, which is allot cheaper than paying someone to come and align the dish accurately for you. While you are ordering your meter from screwfix you can also order the F type connectors and the Satellite Coax Cable.


Good Luck



jertsy 1096309966

thanks fer clearing that up guys.

i have no worries about setting it up though as i have done it in the uk..easy peasy.

sadly i have to return to that stressed out place in a couple of weeks so will pick one up then..


Hellegouet 1097616486

Which directions is the 'right' one ? The same as the Sky satellite ? We don't have a subscription to Sky but were hoping to be able to get BBC for their children's progammes. Is this possible !? Many thanks.

Bob Bowen-382240 1097620230

The satellite you want is Astra 2D. This transmits both Sky encoded channels plus all the free to air BBC channels. Your digital receiver will pick them all up but you will not be able to view the Sky channels or the ITV channels.

The satellite is 28.2 degrees east of south, elevation around 26/28 degrees. Its easy to set up. The dish does not need to go on the roof, it must have clear line of site with nothing (trees included) blocking the way.

Regards Bob

Sapphire-384913 1097947858

Thanks everybody for your replies.  You have certainly cleared up a lot for us.   We contacted our Electrician, who fitted another dish and we can now receive BBC 1, 2 and BBC 3 and 4. Wonderful.


Kirst-385661 1099599522

My TV aerial cable doesn't fit the socket in the wall is it just a matter of getting a different cable from somewhere, any suggestions where?  Have international type telly which other half insists will work!



tiffany-384436 1100650991

We have a FTV type digibox so can get all the English channels but is it also possible to get French channels using the same satellite dish, and if so, how do we do it??

James-382784 1100693716

Tiffany, not very easily is the answer I'm afraid. You would need to get a motorised dish as the main French channels are not available on Sky. To be honest it would be cheaper and simpler to go out and buy a second kit and have two decoders working side by side. If you don't want two big 800mm dishes then don't forget that the one you are using for uk Sky only needs to be a 400mm mini dish which you will probably need to source from the uk.

Kirst, you probably need to change your aerial lead connectors to "F-type" connectors. These can be found in most diy shops and are very easy to fit / change.

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Just browsing around and saw your earlier posting. If you have a French dish ie. 60 or 80cm dish, you may be able to get away with fitting two LNB's on an adapter arm on the single dish. You align the dish (and the first LNB)to the weaker signal (probably 19E) and then the second LNB uses a different focus on the dish to pick up transmissions from Astra 2D on 28.2E. This is quite a cheap arrangement to setup, although you would need to have two downleads one from each LNB and a switch near the receiver.

tiffany-384436 1101861649

Many thanks for the replies - I'll give it a whirl!!

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