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our proivider,neuf keeps switching off,sometimes for hours,tried phoning number I have,without success,anyone any ideas?

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our proivider,neuf keeps switching off,sometimes for hours,tried phoning number I have,without success,anyone any ideas?

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our proivider,neuf keeps switching off,sometimes for hours,tried phoning number I have,without success,anyone any ideas?

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How amazing the castle and its owners are love Thier dreamy romantic appeal even though they do show it probably through rose tinted glasses I do adore the series and the artistic features on it very nice too ESCAPE watching TV 

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Does anyone know of anywhere that is showing super saturday near either of the above mentioned towns ? I have already got a few options,but always prefer the pub atmosphere for the rugby , especially when it is finishing with wales-France and a bar of mixed opposition can be much more fun.I prefer a village pub to a town so that I can have a few beers and park nearby and also nip out between the games to let cockney the wonderdog out for his needs.I can watch all the games either via satellite or on french tv in the flying dragon (the van) if need be,so shall not be missing the games if there is no-one showing the games.Congratulations to Ireland for winning the tournament a week in advance and still having the possibility of getting the grand slam if they beat England,though would imagine that it will be a tough ask in Twickers.Wales,scotland,England and france still have a chance at getting second,so lots of competition there,especially as if one of them get it badly wrong,they could finishe in 5th.I hope that you have all enjoyed the tournament and wish you a great final day.Love and stuff to allJamie x

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Chantimor Chants de Marin / Sea Shanty group based in St Hilaire 56930 are  looking to recruit two Shantymen for the 2018 season.Your profile: Male. Easy-going. Can hold a tune. Fit. Able to commit to rehearsals on Thursday evenings & gigs throughout the summer. Ready to tootle off all round the Morbihan / Brittany & maybe further afield. (International stardom here we come!)  Ability to play an instrument: violin / guitar / accordeon / mouth organ ... a bonus. Our profile: 5 Brits, one brave French bloke and a dog. Ambition: Sing songs / drink / be merry Come and meet us for an informal chat, a coffee & a sing-song.Find  us on facebook: chantimor56 or website: www.chantimor.comContact:  chantimor@yahoo.fr 

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hi does anyone know of dance classes for latin in the pontivy or surounding area cheers in advance

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Are you are a musician living in Ille et Vilaine region of Brittany or nearby - if so this post might be of interest. I am looking for musicians who would be interested in live performance around Brittany. Originals or covers - most genres but mainly blues, folk/ rock/pop. Must have own gear and transport. Thanks, PS

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Pro guitar player recently relocated from UK to central Brittany, looking for work, all styles covered. Previously have done an Eric Clapton tribute show, rock/pop/blues/rockabilly.Pro gear, transport, PA, lights etcGet in touch for a chat.Thanks Mick

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Are other people having freesat TV problems. Very poor or no reception since the bad weather. Picture comes and goes, very pixelated and message on screen saying no signal! Or is it just my lnb not working? Thanks

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If you like good quality live music then come along to Le Lion D'or in Bazouges La Perouse this coming Friday December 8th. Featured in the latest programme of blues, folk and pop brought to you by Manoir Musique Promotions are French pop rock trio Manata, blues duo Stylness, The 3 Breton Accordeonists and headlining the show singer guitarist Jay Prod who models his style on Bruce Springsteen. Expect some additional surprises. Free admission to all and food will be served all night with a late bar. Starts around 7.15pm 

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Come and hear the 4PLAY Quartet and 2 other groups on 9th December in Gwidel (Guidel 56) in a fund-raiser for the Telethon. Please join us at Kerprat Hall (salle de Kerprat) for an evening of good food and good cheer, and all for a good cause.Further info on time, ticket prices and line-up from J-F Calvas

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Very recently lost my lovely, adored French husband, so we only ever had a french TV. I would quite like to have uk tv now, especially as winter months closing in.  I have a 'spare' french flat screen tv which i'd like to put in another room. but does anyone have any ideas of who or how i could contact to link me up, would need a new tv cable put in. Does anyone know of someone who could install this, ie, the wiring, the satellite, etc..., thank you in advance . im in La Bouillie, near Erquy

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Are there any out there?

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Join a Country Blues ProjectAny acoustic or semi acoustic guitarist out there interested in joining a Country Blues Project.  A mix of older country songs, bluegrass, jug band and country blues.Will need to have a strong in built rhythm, be part of a team and be able to sing a bit.We are based in 56 but can travel around.  Email for info.

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Tonight Tuesday Oct 31 there is a big party night to celebrate Halloween in Bazouges La Perouse. Lots of things happening in the town and there is live music at Le Lion D'or on the main road. All starts around 19.00 hrs and admission is free. Come along and hear some great live acoustic music performed by both English and French musicians. 

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Diary Dates...     OutofStock en concert....Friday 3rd November 20.00hrs Moulin du Pont Samoel. Silfiac.Great food and great music.Saturday 9th December 21.00hrs Au Grenier du Bierre bar Pontivy.Taking bookings for the New Year, please contact me for available dates.Ianwww.outofstock.mza.fr

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Not sure if this is 'Entertainment' or 'Sport and Leisure', but hey...I am getting back into doing jigsaw puzzles, but I have only a small collection which I have done already, and would like to get access to some others.  I don't want to keep buying them on ebay, partly because of the cost, and partly because they will just pile up and compound the problem.Is anyone interested in swapping/lending jigsaw puzzles, so we have access to new (as in unfamiliar, not as in brand spankers) puzzles without cost?  My preferred puzzles are 1000 pieces (fit nicely on our table), photographic or realism rather than cartoons or art works with mad brushstrokes etc. and challenging but not impossible - no baked beans, op art or Where's Wally?, for example.  We live near Callac, but we enjoy driving around Brittany, so we can travel if necessary.Any ideas, let me know.  And I'm sorry if this has all been brought up before.

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Does anyone know what time the fete de cheval starts tomorrow at La Cheze please.

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