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Any news on the opening of the indian Restaurant? Michele michele

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Has anyone tried to use a French satellite dish to receive UK TV using an English Satellite digibox? Is it possible? Or does the LNB work on a different frequency band that will not allow you to receive the signal from the English  satellite? Or is the voltage different for the LNB?   Also   Can you use a ‘UK Digibox’ on a French TV? I know that an English TV cannot receive French terrestrial channel and I was wondering if the output from the digibox would not be compatible with the French TV.

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Another date for your diaries if interested - a monthly book fair thru' the Spring/Summer, 'chez nous' at 'Manoir du Launay', Langoat (22), starting on Sunday 29th April at 10.00am, and continuing on the last Sunday of every month for the foreseeable future.  There will be a variety of stands with bric-a-brac, the 'English Produce' shop are bringing along some of our favourite items, home-made pies, scones etc on another stand, a live auction, etc, etc....  There will be a Sunday lunch set menu available for those wishing to stay for lunch, and then you will be free to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Pink Granite Coast, (Perros Guirec, Tregastel etc.) which are an approx. 15km drive from here.  All are welcome - hope to see you all then!! PS  Please email me with any enquiries.  nicky

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Large lively lady (smoker) in central dept 56 seeks companion for evenings/day's out. Enjoys walking dog, reading books, driving, cooking, digital photography, visiting the sea, camping, most types of music, visits to the bar and drinking wine at home. Anyone looking for a friend ? Dee

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what is it that i need to be looking for for our version of single or double cream in france? i have come across all types of things but nothing that tastes the same - all a bit sour or creme fraiche style. or is there anything i can do to some of the cream to make it sweeter (want to serve it with things like strawberries!)

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Hi,   I would like to know if there are any singing teachers in the area 22 as I love to sing and dance etc.. and would love to  stretch my voice and do auditions etc!!! I'm 13 years old and every Friday night i had singing lessons ( in England)   Can anyone help? Regards, Roxanne

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We are considering buying an in-car dvd player for a forthcoming 3600km round trip by car with 3 children in tow, in hopes of a more peaceful journey. Anyone got one of these, as well as 2 or more children ? The pertinent question is, does it stop (or significantly reduce) their arguing en route ? Or will they just argue instead about who's got the best view of the tiny screen ? Lastly, if anyone's got one for sale, please get in touch. Lagadu (29 Quimperlé)

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Although i dont miss much at all food wise from the UK,on driving to Lamballe recently,i came upon an English mini market,run by two girls that sells ENGLISH BACON and SAUSAGE,didnt realise how much i missed it,they seem to have plenty of other stuff in stock,so i will definatley visit when i next pass.Talking to the owners,there is a 50 50 mix of French and English.What does anyone else miss ? mjk

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Hi,   My wife and I are from the SE of France and are keen Scottish dancers. We love "bagpipe" music and celtic festivals and have always wanted to visit Brittany and attend one of the regional music festivals but have not got a clue where they are held and where to stay - can anyone recommend anything to us? Grateful for everyones input. Thanks.

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Hi We'll be spending ten days from Good Friday in Brittany and my 15 year old wants to get in some pre-GCSE language practice - difficult when most of the people we deal with when we visit are anglophone! Has anyone any suggestions for activities he might pursue for a couple of days among native speakers (I'm aware it's complicated by the fact that the local schools aren't on holiday, so commune holiday activities aren't running).  Any useful thoughts welcome. Thanks Eamon

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Anybody need a singer in the Carhaix/Huelgoat area in the next two weeks?On holiday at holiday home in the area. I am a Bass Baritone,with Backing Discs-would need sound equipment. Will have backing discs with me.Among my favorites-Phantom of The Opera/Les Miserables/Neil Diamond Need quick reply-travelling to Brittany first thing tomorrow morning. Kind Regards  The Sun Shines EastThe Sun Shines westI know where the Sun Shines Best.

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I am looking for a college level history book on french and breton history, I am sure there must be other students who want to catch up on this side of the curriculum, which they obviously wouldn't have learned in the UK. Problem is I can find lots of really good french ones but need an english version if digesting it is going to be anything more than a chore for my child! Has anyone found one anywhere? 

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I live in area 22 nr Dinan, would any of you ladies be interested in a coffee morning perhaps in a hotel in the centre of Dinan, so that we can meet new friends, English and French.  Perhaps next week????Sara

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Any advice on what size dish to use to receive sky 43 or 60 ? Cheers

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We are holding a table top sale buyers and sellers more than welcome , there will be refreshments and a bbq . A gathering for all english and french .  If you are interested in having a table please telephone 029366737or 0296366748 its free.  Hope it will be  a good gathering and you may find some bargains .  Please tell all your friends the more the merrier . So hope to see you all on Sunday 27th March at Cosquerlec Trebrivan which is in between Trebrivan and Mael Carhaix please I will put up some signs to direct you in the right way hope to see you there.  Time is 10.30 am .trinny

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Hi all I will be in france july/august with my 7 piece soul/funk/blues/rock band , and we are looking for venues to play - based in 56 and will travel - any thoughts ideas? Cheers

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You always see so much for St Patrick, but we English seem a little more reserved in celebrating our own patron Saint. Does anyone know a decent butcher (in the 22 area) where I can buy a really good joint of beef with a bit of fat in it? All I seem to be able to find is far too lean to roast well, and it doesn't have much flavour. I look forward to wearing my red rose, and inviting a few friends around for a dinner party. Johno & Jackie

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Does anybody know where to get ordinary double cream? Not "creme fraische" or that ghastly UHT stuff. I cannot find it in any supermarket and I cannot believe French cows don't do cream ! I live in the Quimper 29 area.Lord Coz

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We get what I think are "electric fence clicks" on radio 4 via Sky but no problem with TV. Is there any way to easily get rid of this annoying problem. Bri

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