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Hello All After all the shenannigans in and around Western Brittany over the last few weeks, the BBC have today dispatched a reporter to Huelgoat and he will be interviewing and reporting from there throughout the afternoon. MisspxY & P !!!

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I recently looked to arrange an internet connection in France, so followed some advice I saw on one of these pages earlier and went for Gegetel ADSL. Commana is not in a urban area, which means there advertised 14.90Euro rate for 8MB/s is not available, 24.90Euro for 2MB/s is. I ordered the wireless modem and waited. A few days later I had a phone call message left on the answerphone and an email from Phonexpat my telephone line service provider, saying France Telecom was taking the line off them. I didn't think very much of it at the time, but have now become aware that the telephone line was transferred to Cegetel. The ADSL however was only advised to be available 3 weeks later. Although the connection stilll responds with unauthorised when 'parametrage' set up has username and password enterred. Since I continued to use my English dial up, I find I was being charge 10 times the Phonexpat rate, amassing a bill for 156Euro, for as far as i am aware an unauthorised line transfer. Cegetel haven't responded to my emails to their service department &lt1;votre.service.client@contact-clients.com&gt1;, apart fom to an earlier enquiry to confirm that their 10Euro unlimited telephone calls offer does not apply to international calls. I've needless to say transferred the line back to Phonexpat on discovering Cegetels handywork. But I've currently only seem to have a large bill and no ADSL connection to show for my troubles. Reading Cegetels offers again, it seems theirs an extra 7Euros a month to pay if the telephone line is not transferred to them. I've not sent back my bank details or the telpehone line transfer instruction, and await some meaningful response from them. Any advice. GT

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We have finally decided to break down and get television. We are staring from a clean slate here in France and have no UK address. The only thing we have right now is an aerial on the roof that may or may not work. I am technically-minded and can do electrical work. Our "needs" are:- 1) News & weather in English. 2) French programs. 3) Films in English (or sub-titled). We can do this with DVDs. We have NO need for East-Enders, Coronation Street, or anything like that :) Speaking of DVDs, we have quite a few USA ones and will be adding French ones as we go. Can you get multi-region players here? Anyway, what are our options? I guess there's no cable TV out here so I suppose that some combination of satellite and aerial is what we need. Something without a monthly fee would be preferable. Any suggestions? Thanks, Terry.

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There's a fest noz this weekend 5th Feb with a band coming from Paris, It's in the sall polyvante at St. Aignan, 56, Near Pontivy 13k, Mur du Bretagne 5k, Cleguarec 7k, Rostrenen 15k, Should be a good night, Starts quite late about 9ish, but apparently that's normal, and when in Rome, or France !! Regards Michele michele

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are there any unattached 25 -35 year olds (both sexes) interested in meeting up - have a laugh - have a drink - generally have a bit of fun  - no kids talk no pensioners  !!!!!! abie

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Hi to all Vegetarians out there. If anyone is interested there is a place that is providing a Veggie meal on St Davids day 1st March. If anyone is interested in joining me please email or phone me 0296240662, Tortoise

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Are there any table top or car boot sales going on in the Rostrenen, Carhaix areas, have lots of bits to get rid of, should never have draged them over from England. Cheers

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I sent about 6 copies of this "Tale" out for people to read and give comments on. So far the response has been non- existant! This may mean the book is awful - but I have a broad back! Please get back to me and give me some feedback. Hopefully Jean Rhodes

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Just lately I've been tuning in to Eastenders to find it accompanied by the BBC's audio description for the visually impaired. It's annoying (well obviously not for those that need it, but we don't) but we cannot work out how to turn it off! We have a Thomson digibox with no subscription, just a dish. Grateful for any advice!

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does any one know, roughly how much an electric bas and amp would cost and also and electric guitar and amp

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Don't know if this has been done before, if so I'll say sorry now, but how about a posting where people suggest places of interest/things to do that might interest others, perhaps  new residents, particulary over the colder months when tourist attractions tend to be closed,? There must be a wealth of information out there amongst members. This is our first winter here and have been trawling internet/tourist information for places to take kids over the two week break to make a change from our usual walks and visits to beaches.  Doesn't have to be for kids, what about art galleries good exhibitions etc, for those who live in urban areas? Anyone interested in this idea? 

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My 15 year old son is looking for young people to play music with, any one out there with childern who migh be intrested please let me know.

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I have heard a rumour that you can pick up UK TV, in France, through a UK analogue box. Is this correct?

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Does anyone know of any dance classes, pontivy, rostrenen, loudeac areas? michele

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I can't find soft brown sugar in any of the supermarkets, nor can I get my recipes for flapjacks or gingerbread men to work without it!  Am I being dense or do french cooks use something else instead ? Any suggestions greatly received.  

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have had problem-free sat. TV for the past couple of months, 3 days ago had the message "satellite receiving no signal" across the TV every time we switched on?  Are the 'Bretagne' winds to blame or any other cause please????nicky

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Anyone know of a French equivalent to Marmite (Yeast extract spread)? And while I'm at it anyone ever seen a box of Nestle Shreddies (sans chocolat!!!!!) in their travels. Merci

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Last year in March we went to the annual 3 day fest-deiz/noz in St Laurent but I can't find any dates for this year. Does anyone know which weekend it's happening?

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after looking at previous relevant postings on the forum I am not going to be too specific on genre, so for the moment are there any musicians available for a St Patricks Party? someone who could play and maybe even spell bhodrun/bohdron/bhudren ????  would be an advantage!   viking

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