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Does anyone know of a Fest Noz or Fest Deiz on Saturday 5th February.  Prefer near to Redon but will travel a reasonable distance. CHRIS

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If I was to organise an evening of bingo in the Carhaix area would there be anyone interested in playing bingo of course for things like english hampers etc please reply as to if you are interested then if I can see there is enough interest I would then go ahead and sort things out , ie posters  and advertising the evening Thanks for your time in reading this Trina trinny

started by: shells-386656 · last update: 1107110227 · posted: 1106950528

Being driven insane by a TV we have just bought on offer from the supermarket celebrating its 30th anniversary, can't get the sound to function at all through arial, even the sound installation menu appears very different to the layout in the manual and as ever its only in french.  Picture is fine no probs with that.  Anyone had a similar problem - are they a duff batch - or are we being really thick and missing something obvious?

started by: Donald-382306 · last update: 1106910206 · posted: 1066428026

What is french television all about? Saturday night is really really terrible - can anyone help explain why it is so bad??   Donald

started by: banjosnapper · last update: 1106571220 · posted: 1106044807

Hi, Does anybody know if there are any folk acoustic music club nights around the Merdrignac area(22) where anyone can turn up and perform? 

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We are flying a kite in the bar with our Breton friends, to try to set up a bi-centenial anniversary party on 21 oct. Any ideas for a theme?festnoz

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Hi can anyone tell me the names for self rising & plain flour.My daughter & I baked our first cake in our new house,very exciting,till we took it out of the oven !!! OH LA LA  what a disaster & dissapointed little girl.So could someone please help so we can have a successfull cake. Many thanks

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Hi, we hope to move to Brittany this year & any comments on what the live music scene is like would help. Life in France appeals, not playing drums anymore doesn't!

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Hi there - does anyone know if there are any cinemas in 56 that show English language films (perhaps with French subtitles)? I did hear somewhere that the cinema in Guemene shows such films once a month..but an enquiry met with a shrug. Been living here two years now and one thing I really miss is an occasional trip to the flicks!!  Cheers, Mrs M   

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Dear All After the Christmas festivities, I would like a few folk to read my now finished book for editing purposes. "Tales of Camyra" is a series of stories, mostly from holidays, of happenings on our boat over the last 16 years. Also bits from Jersey life - funny/sad/frightening. Only have a few CD's so don't all rush at once ---Ha Ha!!! Jean Rhodes

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Hiya, Does anybody know of a bowling alley anywhere near to Redon (35)?  my little boy would absolutely love to play this, I reckon there probably is one in Rennes but would be great if it was near to us. Thanks   Jill

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Anyone know of any dance classes in the Scaer, Guiscriff, Gourin area? Alison

started by: Pen-384884 · last update: 1104956381 · posted: 1104955831

We have guests who don't want to travel too far but want to visit a french food/produce/livestock market - any ideas in/around the loudeac area? 

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We have recently bought a new TV and DVD player/recorder from England, and the problem i have is that i am told it wont work with a Satalite Box, i contacted the Phillips help line and they told me how to do it, but still no good, i would like to know if there is anyone who could install it for me, i am willing to pay, we live in 22, at Peumerit Quintin.patstheonepatstheone

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We have put up our satellite dish and it is aiming at Astra 28 (I think).  We get very clear radio with with no electric fence clicks and all the extra BBC channels (music, sports extra etc).  We can't, however, find Radio 2 or Radio 4 (the FM one without the cricket and the daily service).  Radio 4 is on channel 266, Radio 5 on 273 on our box.  Does anyone know what channel we can find BBCs 2 and 4 on?

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Peter at "Le Lion" Seglian 56 is putting on a very English supper for 8 euros a head. Meat and Potato Pie followed by Jam Roly Poly and custard.  So before you go on your New Year Diet come and join in. All nationalities are very welcome  Ring to reserve a seat on 0297 38 05 11 Star

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Are this band still gigging ? Where and when can we see them live? Can anyone help ? It's just that we heard they are worth seeing, but where and when ? Having checked other threads on this band it appears the guitarist looks like John Lydon, wonder if he sings that way too.  

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Merry christmas we are looking for strong flour for our bread machine.  Anyone know where we can get some?  We cant afford to eat anymore french sticks with 5 kids to feed!!! Thanks Alison

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I don't know if this general knowledge but there is a shop selling new and s/hand english-language books in Josselin[56120]. It is tantalisingly called The English Book Shop.

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Hi, I know this sounds a bit mumsy,  ( well, I am one afterall) , has anyone come across paper cake cases, my husbands very fond of rock cakes, and I'm not even sure if you can by a bun tin, but I prefer the paper ones. So if you have seen them antwhere, please let me know, thanks. Divaling.

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