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I Live near Auray 'Brittany South.' I'm 50. For professional purpose I need to pass a degree (licence) in English. I'm in second year and take my courses by correspondence. It is very difficult to work  by myself as I have also a job in addition. I need to talk in english with people for improving the conversation. If you want to improve your French I would be pleased to have conversation in both languages. See you    Dominique Dominique

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Managed to locate or beg from UK all the other bits but totally forgot about cranberry sauce - anyone out there know where I can find it in 22?

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Lonely at New Years Eve? You're all welcome to come to us. Location Antrain, 10 mins south of Dol de Bretagne.  UK Tel 00 44 2380 811 411 or email lasarrazinais@aol.com. Fireworks, food, fun!  BYOB.............  2 double rooms, 1 family (double +single) and one triple (bunk beds + single) all available and of course FREE!!! Alison35

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Anyone know where I can get mince tart mincemeat in 56 I have tried Super U and Champion, no luck.  Thanks.carolb

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Hi there, Just wondered if anybody has thought about Christmas yet? Well I know we don’t really want to think about it but I feel that we really need to organise a big festive party for all us poor immigrants that have been lucky enough to move to France. After all, it will be VERY quiet if we have nothing to do! I have the space for hundreds so if anybody is interested or even better, wants to help to organise something please drop me an EMAIL! Regards Arty  

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Anyone know where I can find a barn dance over Christmas?  Or, if that's a bit unrealistic out here, who'd like to help me organise one? Volunteer singers and dance leaders required!Kemperle

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Like most Communes at this time of year, the Ecole de Ploerdut ( in 56 Near Guemene-sur-Scorff) is holding its annual Fete de Noel soon. It's this Sunday 12 December, 12 noon at the Ploerdut Salles des Fetes just off the main square, near the old village bread oven.   As part of the festivities, some of  the local mums are offering a few traditional British Christmassy/teatime nibbles - mince pies, flapjacks, shortbread, tea breads - in aid of school funds after the meal (around 4pm). Don't be shy - you can pop in for a chat to improve your French or English and get a homemade mince pie and a cuppa of The Anglais (or a coffee)  for a couple of euros. Or buy something to take away to enjoy later.               

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is anyone coming back from england over the next 4 to 6 months because i have a bicycle at my house in england. in luton, 30 miles north of london. its a rare bmx. with the wheels removed it wouldnt take up to much space. i will obviously pay for the help. all the best mark.

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I am learning english by correspondence with the university of Rennes. I'd really like to talk to people in english. I live in  Bretagne Sud. If you are interested please contact me   Dominique

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Has anyone come accross a transIation into French of any EngIish Pantomimes? nor

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Christmas Market-Ecole Jean Caer, Berrien.(just outside Huelgoat). 12th December 11am-5pm. Anyone interested in having a stall to sell crafts, cards, puzzles, games, cakes etc. there are still some available at 10Euros per stall. This will include a free coffee!!! If you would like a stall please contact me by e-mail Many thanks Eleri Johnson

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We have a holiday home in France, and last week our electrician installed a satellite dish. We  found it only contained home shopping, ads, etc, which is of no interest to us at all.  We need to ask for something more which will give us BBC etc. What do we need to ask for please.  Help.Sapphire

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My 8 (nearly 9) year old daughter is very miserable and misses her friends at home. I know in the long run that we have made the right move, but it is difficult to get this across to a little girl who is getting upset at the slightest thing.  In England she was out playing every night and at weekends.  We are in the Guemene area and if there are any children who would like to meet up on Wednesdays, weekends or maybe after school I would be very grateful as it is upsets me to see my bubbly little girl with a stiff upper lip and trying not to show how sad she sometimes is feeling. She is quite an outgoing child and mixes very well with boys as well as girls,  she likes all the things that 8 year olds like (ie playing in the park, horse riding, swimming, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, riding her bike etc........). If there are any children out there that could help her settle in I know she would appreciate it. Thank you Claire

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does anybody know of any bookshops selling english language books in the 29 region. thanks

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We are coming over mid December to finally buy our house, and would like some info on things to do/places to go (especially if the weather is bad!) (Don't mind cold, but can't stand too much rain!) We're in 56 Plumeliau.  (2 of us plus an 8 year old) Any good bars/restaurants, events, markets etc etc ? Much appreciated.

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Sunday 5th December. 10.00am 'til 18.00 hrs. Mulled wine, minced pies, xmas crackers, bottle stall, raffle, games, music and finishing with an auction at 4.00 pm. Any donations of nearly new items or bottles etc etc gratefully received. All in aid of Telethon a childrens charity for cystic fybrosis. To be held at Le Faven 56300 St Thuriau. 5 mins from Pontivy. Tel 0297393893 or e mail. Please help to put something back into the community.                            regards Rita

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Hi everybody We live in La Roche Derrien and I was wondering if anybody fancied getting together before Xmas for a meal. There is a new restaurant just opened in the next village that does superb Sunday roasts and they would be willing to sort us all out with traditional xmas fayre, or just a good old roast for 16 € a head (4 courses). I was thinking of 5th December as there is also a traditional xmas market on in Pommerit Jaudy that weekend so figured some might want to have a wander around that on the same day.   Anyway if you're interested please contact me and we can see what sort of numbers we are talking about. Alternatively if you can't make that day but have a hankering for a traditional sunday roast, which does include real gravy, and real custard etc then again let me know and I'll email you the details. Hope some people are interested!!! Jacqui

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A friend of mine has a boucherie and when I asked him if he could get Turkeys for christmas, he said.......No problem. So being a generous sort of chap I thought I would see if anyone else wanted FRESH turkey, ordered for christmas. His boucherie specialises only in farm reared, top notch (label rouge) meats and poultry so none of your battery farmed rubbish. I know  as I have been with him whilst he buys direct from the Farmers. If anyone is interested , please email me and I will pass your details on. He is based in Cotes d'Armor. He was going to get back to me with the price per kilo.   James

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Can anyone offer advice?? After hours of frustrating tuning menus i am at my wits end. My Mitsubishi TV that I have brought over from the uK wont tune into any of the Frnch channels. I am not sure if it will work ever, but it does have UHF channels that it can recieve broadcasts on. Does anyone have any clues or will i be resigned to watching hours of black and white fuzzy lines or worse have to buy a new TV!! Many thanks Charlie

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We have family over for New Year and would like to know if there is a Dinner Dance evening in or around Dinan.   Thanks  Chris Young

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