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Hi everyone, In the area where we are there is not much going on for the English, but there are a couple of lovely French people who run the La Gacilien bar in La Gacilly (56) they have a fish & chip night every Thursday evening for everyone English & French, have been the last 2 Thursdays, last night was Beaujolais night with lots of nibbles (all home made) and drink on the house, darts as well, there were a good mixture of English & French, they are so welcoming that I said I would post an advert on this site for them, it is situated right by the river/weir in La Gacilly with a car park opposite, about 10 mins from Redon.  So come on all you Brits and French come on down to La Gacilien from 6.30pm on Thursdays! If anybody wants to know more just drop me an E-Mail or message.       Jill Harrison

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Hi Everyone, I am having a Afternoon Tea Party at my home in Caulnes (20mins south of Dinan) for my friends and new friends to meet and have a nice social get together. The date is THURSDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 2004. Open house from 1.00pm. So if any ladies who fancy meeting new people in this area  and are free on this day, please email me for further details, or call on 0296 887171. You are welcome to bring a friend too. The more the merrier. RSVP. Sue@extrabreaks.com See you then!  Kind Regards,Sue Markham

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I am based in Plenne Jugon and am looking to join or form a band.   I am an experienced drummer specialising in rock and jazz rock and want to hear from other experienced players. Cheers.  Christopher

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My 9 year old daughter is having a birthday party and I am looking into having a magician (depending on cost as budget is tight).  Does anyone know of one; bilingual if possible.

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Worked out what a Fest Noz but was wondering what a Fest Deiz was as I'd seen a few advertised.  Obviously they tend to be running at an earlier time so wondered if that was the only difference.  As they run at the earlier time does the arrival still run a good bit later i.e. advertised to start 2.30pm, actually means arrive at 4pm or is it not the same as Fest Noz etiquette? Cheers   Kirst

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I am a serious fan of Chinese and Asian cookery, about to spend six months in Brittany. Has anyone come across a Chinese supermarket closer than Paris?. I don't mean a few packets of noodles and a bottle of soy sauce on a shelf, but the sort of place the Chinese restaurants would use. Is there such a place?Thanks!Paul Cullen

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Following on from from the success of the Easter Monday get-together and the August Beach BBQ, I would like to invite everyone along to yet another Expat and others social gathering! Remember, remember, the 5th of NovemberGunpowder, treason and ... PARTY! Announcing the first annual Bonfire night Bash Featuring:FIREWORKS!Excessive Amounts of Children's Sweets!The World's Best Hot Mulled Wine!Homemade Caramel-covered Apples!Homemade Cinder Toffee!Non-alcoholic Beverages (juice, water, sodas)!Really Cool People You are Dying to Meet! Location: Lake Bel-Air at Priziac (Map here)Date: Friday, 5th November (no points for getting the date right, sorry!)Time: 5 pm to 10 pm - Come by anytime! What to Bring?: A mug for the Hot Mulled Wine or if you want any other beverage than those listed; fireworks (as we are pooling resources); some food of your choosing to throw on the BBQ if you so desire; old paperbacks, children's books or the like if you would like to swap books as we will have a bookswap table; something to park your bum on (chairs or waterproof rug) and your ability to party!! Please send me, Kitty, a PM if you are coming, no later than Wednesday 3rd November so I know numbers for the Hot Mulled Wine! I don't want to make too much! OR not enough! - (more likely!) Any questions? Please post here! And I look forward to seeing you all there! Kitty

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Hi Just been here a few months and decided that some socialising was in order.  My Father visited and we decided to head up to the local Fest Noz with my 6 year old daughter, starting time was 9pm so we headed up on time but nothing seemed to be happening so we hung around for 1/2 hour and only a few cars arrived, so we headed home defeated.  Was just wondering if this is the norm to start a little later than advertised or indeed a lot later?  Was thinking of heading down to one near Plouisy this weekend but dont want to traipse daughter down at night if its another no-show as my nerves couldnt handle the trauma of another tantrum after getting herself all excited about a party.  Although telling her we're just going for a drive seems like the obvious option! Any info on what semms like an excellent way to get out and meet people would be appreciated.  And also if anyone else is heading there I'd b more than happy to meet up.   Kirst

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does any one know if free view works in france/ brittany. i am in the dinan area but dont want to pay for sky, TTFNNick B

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Just a quick note to let anyone in the St Nicolas Du Pelem area know that the Pizzeria (La Gwendoline) has great food and the locals really know how to enjoy themselves. I performed some of my middle eastern dances and within minutes the whole place joined in. The atmosphere was really great and I intend to perform there when ever I am in town. It is worth a visit. samina

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Hello all. Can anyone tell me if I can buy cornflour anywhere? also if so what is its french name? Many thanks lesley

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Hello, My wife and I are both professional classical musicians having spent many years playing professionally and teaching our instruments. We have both studied at the Royal Academy of Music on the Performers course. We have decided to move to Brittany as soon as our house in the U.K. is sold. We were just wondering if anybody could tell us if we need to have some sort of licence or special permission to teach our instruments privately at our home in France. Thank you. Bravo.

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I thank all those lovely and equally interesting people for turning up at my BBQ and I hope that we will have many more gettogethers in the near future.

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This is the latest miracle fruit that doctors are recommending people eat on a daily basis. It is meant to have such miracle properties I am loath to post the claims here, lest you all think I work for the blueberry council. Anyone know the french for these berries and which chains sell them?  I have not seen them in our local supermarkets, but I am willing to travel to buy them. Julie

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Hi to ALL ! I've just got back from a great trip in the Huelgoat area.  I visited a bar in Huelgoat that is situated by the lake opposite the bridge that crosses the outflow.  The bar sells 'Giraf beer' [which is great if you don't allready know] and is run by a guy called John Pierre who is a great host.  The bar has a restauraunt that has great food and I must say here that we were looked after really well. My question is, does anyone know the postal address for the bar as I want to send him some CD's. Many thanks in advance....

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We are between Lannion and Guingamp and I have a bored 6 year old.  What she's missing the most are parks, does anyone know of a good park within drivable distance, with play equipment etc?  Many thanks     Kirst

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Anyone know of any violin teachers in the Pontivy/Guemene area?

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I just did a forum search for "cottage cheese" and came up with a thread listed a year or so back, but now I'm confused - is there a difference between American cottage cheese and English cottage cheese?  "Mike" said something about American cottage cheese being similiar to marscapone, but it's not similar at all (maybe he was thinking of cream cheese???). American cottage cheese has lumps in it, and is eaten as a snack with fruit, or used in lasgna, etc.... I also read the thread on AI Riveria, and people wrote back with all kinds of French name suggestions, saying it's available in the south, but they were talking about "english cottage cheese", so now I'm not so sure....can anyone clarify?? Thanks, Samantha

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Can anyone help?  Where can I find a really good, large French market?  I was really looking forward to shopping at the markets for flowers & fabric especially, but my closest one is Pontivy & it's ok, but not brilliant!! I've heard the Saturday market in Rennes is good.  Has anyone been?  I'm after some really good upholstery fabric & although I have found fabric shops around, there's not a huge selection. Thanks for any help!! Sarah

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Those of you who love a bit of trad:rock Irlandaise will love Boxty Irish Music, live at Le Goblin Bar, St Caradec Tregomel (near Guemene) from 10.00 to 2.00am on the 1st October to kick-off the local Fete De la Rosaire. Venez nombreuse!

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