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Does anyone know of activities for children aged about 10 in the Huelgoat area? We are thinking of relocating next year and have just bought a small bungalow in this area. Also are there many English children at the local school? Although I would like my daughter to integrate with French children, it can be a strain talking continual French when she is so new at it. I thought if she knew there were others in the local area who spoke the same language it may make her feel more at ease with such a significant life change.

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Can any one tell me the easiest way to get to disney land paris from dept 29.It is my daughters birthday & shes been promised? she will be taken for a couple of days as a birthday /moving to france treat.I realise its going to be a long way whichever method of transport we take,but as we also have a 1 year old we want to make it as stress free as poss.Many thanks Lesley.

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Can anyone tell me where I can get the above and what it is called in france? Oh and suet as well please. Thanks, Geordie

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Can anyone tell me if you can connect two sky (or whatever boxes) to one sattelite dish.  I am going over to live on the 13th and want to get a box to receive UK TV, there is already a dish connected with a free to view box - can I connect say a different sky box to this dish and select my own channels from a different TV in the same house (if you get what I mean!)carolb

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Sorry if you read my other note first.I'll get the hang of this keyboard one day. Anyway, for those who don't know, this Sat & Sun,18th & 19th, There is a huge Vide-Grenier at Rennes,all along the canal at St.Martin.4000+ sellers. If the weather is good it's a good day out anyway.Last year 100,000 people turned up to buy.I didn't count them all. Regards.35. P.S. Also a smaller one at Cora .St.Jouan on Sat. gastines

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Does anyone know where you can buy the small individual UHT milk portions that are used in cafe's, hotels etc, close to Ploermel if possible?RegardsColnJude

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The Social Events Committee (ABC) is organising a christmas shopping trip to Jersy at the beginning of December and would like to know if there is any interest. The cost is obviously dependant on the number of people going but should be between 55 and 65 euros. The day includes the return coach and ferry journeys and there will be two pick up points - Pontivy and Baud. So if you're interested please let us know via the contact details below.Please tell anyone you feel might like a day walking the nearest British high street to find all their christmas presents and goodies. Stores include : M&S, BHS, WHSmith, Woolies, Boots, Next, Principals, Body Shop etc. Contact Details : Angela McIntyre - 0297519429  or  macange@tiscali.fr Annette Hindmarch - 0297080284 or melandnet@hotmail.com

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Please can anyone help me find Brownies/Jeanette in the Guemene are.  I looked on the various sites on a previous link before I came out, but had no luck thinking that the Mairie would be able to help me with out of school activities.....!?!  The two ladies looked at me as if I was talking nonsense when I asked about Jeanette, and had no idea what I was on about;they were even more puzzlzd when Brownies and Guides came up in conversation.  I know I am English, but my French is pretty good.  I do not mind driving my daughter (who is 8 years old) to activities within a reasonable radius of home.  Has any one got any ideas on this subject. I am not on the internet at home yet, so do not know when I will next check emails etc, so I will thank everyone who replies in advance as I would not like to think that I was being rude. prachy

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Hi could anyone perhaps help me, is there a place where young people can meet between the ages of 18 - 25. Near Evran or the Dinan area.

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When buying a chicken in the supermarket can anyone tell me if there is any difference in quality between the 'rouge' 'jaune' 'bleu' 'blanc' and 'noir' labels?

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QUIZ NITE. The last friday of every month at 'Le Relais de la forêt Bar' in Baud.(Opposite the mairie). 8pm start. 2€ entrance fee - cash prizes and raffle. Whether you prefer history or music there's something for everyone. Please contact me if you'd like to attend. Annette.

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Hello all Just a quick message to say that there will be an "English" get together in our local bar on Mon 30th Aug - kind of a "Bank Holiday" celebration. Before anyone worries about it being out of order having an English night, the bar owners are French and they do loads of things for all the local clientele most of whom are also French - we all thought it would be a good thing for a quiet Monday evening before autumn sets in. So, all English welcome - 8.30pm at La Hunaudaye Bar, Pledeliac - about 10 mins from Jugon Les Lacs and Lamballe. The bar is in the centre  of the village, diagonally opposite the church. Look forward to seeing you, if anyone needs more details feel free to mail me direct Han PS First come first served for the Pork Scratchings!    

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After replying to one of the notices below I realised that I did not inform everyone that any lady or girl can join in the fun whilst I am over in Brittany. It would be a great way for me to get to know others in the area. My classes are free of charge however if we need to hire a hall or something then a contribution to the hall fees would be welcome. Be aware that we do have a good laugh

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Lo all, I know some of you may know already and some may not care but just in case anyone is interested : BBC2 20.00 ( U.K time) tonight ' Get A New Life Brittany ' cheeper than a ferry ticket :)  

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I went to this shop yesterday, which is in Avranches, south Manche. Useful for anyone living in Ille et Vilaine if you are after foreign foods which you can't find in a French supermarket. The prices are very good too, i.e. 85c for Heinz Beans, as opposed to 1.80E in Hyper U. The lady who owns/runs it is an enterprising French lady who gets Asian stuff from a wholesaler in Paris and goes to England occasionally to pick up the English stuff. If there is any interest, I will give out the address, phone no. opening times and tell you more of the interesting food items for sale.

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My son is 13 and is an avid guitarist. He's been playing since early this year and would love to get together with other like minded people for jam sessions. He plays a range of music from Blues to Rock and especially loves "Green Day". If there are any other kids out there who would be interested in forming a group he would love to hear from you plus anyone else who wouldn't mind helping him with his playing and learning. We are more than willing to pay for lessons if anyone would be interested in that too. He plays by the tab method rather than reading music, if that makes a difference. We are in 22, La Roche Derrien but are willing to take him wherever.   Thanks for all your help in advance Jacqui

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Hello to everyone under 40.   I have no disrespect for people near retiring-age.   Hopefully I will be getting there some time.   However, I wander if there are some people under 40’s, too.  And I would like to meet them! Perhaps for a BBQ in my garden?!   I am looking forward to your replies.

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This Sunday there is an event called "Braderie" in Dinard. Apparently it's a massive car boot sale which practically tales over the whole of the town.My Breton neighbour has a pitch there evry year and says it is really busy so anyone wanting a trip to Dinard but not a car boot might be better staying away.

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Hi Everyone- Just thought I would let you know we ate at a really nice restaurant in Pluvigner yesterday called Le Croix Blanc - both of the owners speak English fluently (the husband is from Sri Lanka and the mother is French), and the meal was absolutely delicious, though a bit pricey.  They do a mix of traditional Breton/French foods with some Sri Lankan plates as well. I think they normally have lunch specials, and they also run a small hotel above the restaurant if anyone is looking for housing for family/friends. Bon Appetit, Samantha

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Is there a club or association where young English/French - about 18 to 29 year olds - can meet? Scott. Scott

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