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Its almost here!! What some of us have eagerly awaited since Easter Monday! ( Well, at least me anyway, I LOVE meeting all you fine people at these events! ) The First Annual Summer Beach Barbecue and Book swap is upon us! Here is the sign-up sheet. This is to indicate what you are bringing to share with everyone else. It can be a side dish, salad, dessert or bread - you decide. It needs to be enough to feed between 16-20 people. I am including this list so we don't get 20 bowls of coleslaw and one of green salad. I'll post first so you can see the format. Kitty- 2 adults, 2 children ( girl 4, girl 6) one docile dog. Staying overnight on site. Side dish : Barbecue Baked Beans, meat and vegetarian varieties. When we have a few pages I will do an update to make it easier to read. Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm, offers of help and general good neighbourliness (is that a word??) I have had to lay low as I am packing for the (permanent!!) move to France. But, heh, I am back among the living now! I am really looking forward to renewing acquaintances, having a good laugh and enjoying the weekend! And of course, really excited to meeting all of the rest of you! Kind regards, KittyDie dulci fruere ! (unless you have other plans...)

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Just found out my fav band 'The Rasmus' are playing in Brest on sept 25th, anyone know where i can get tickets and know where St.Renan is? Thanks

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Apparently there's a zoo/wildlife park near La Baule.  Haven't had much luck finding a web page.  Does anyone know it?  Where exactly can I find it and if it's worth a visit. Thanks. Sue

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Disappointed we are missing a fete on 8th Aug but see from the BBQ posting that there is another fete on the 15th at Lac de Guerledan.  Anyone got any more info on that, ie. where exactly, time, what is actually happening (understand there will be fireworks), food, drink, dancing etc? Thanks Sue

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I love Guingamp anyway, but I especially appreciate les jeudis de Guingamp. Every Thursday afternoon throughout the summer, there's amateur street theatre, followed by a professional performance in the evening. There are some really superb artists and the atmosphere is great. If you have children, you'll find the shows are usually suitable for them at least as much as for adults. Justine

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There's much to do and to see at the Celtic Festival of Lorient. Have you ever been there ? The music is good and the pint is cool. I may go there to-night...! see ya Danzeman @ RIANTEC

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I know all about the summer BBQ arranged by Kitty at Beau Rivage and I want to take newly arrived friends there but don't know WHEN day and time. Will someone please let me know. ThanksJill

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Has anybody been to this activity park ? If so what is it like ? (We went to the one at Elliant last summer and were very disappointed after the excellent Parc des Naudières at Nantes.)   Lagadu

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Can anyone tell me more about the fete at Pleudihen, ie. what's it like and when it's on?  Thanks Sue

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Dan has just arrived to live near Hennebont. He doesn't speak much French at present but would love to get to know some young people about his age - 15 years -. His interests are tennis and playing the guitar.  So if you are keen on tennis or playing the guitar or would like to meet a very pleasant young man, please contact me with your telephone number and I'll ask him to call you. He hopes their internet will be set up very soon, then he can get on to Anglo Info himself.Jill

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Hi Has anybody experience of installing sky themselves, will the normal 60cm dish be enough, is positioning of the dish difficult or would I be wise to call in a trades man?Derek

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Is it normal that satellite tv doesn't work in bad weather ? We have had canalsat since december and have constaté this to be the case - can anything be done about it ?   Lagadu

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Farenheight 9/11 is being shown in english this week at Dinan and Dinard cinema

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Help-we are having a small party(hopefully in the garden) for French and English friends when my daughter and grandson are over this Saturday. Has anyone any ideas for buffet type foo?  It's not like being able to pop down to Sainsburys any more, which I don't miss at all(except maybe for instant party food).   linda

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There will be a sale of English books (and maybe videos and dvds) on 8 august in Carnoet. For those of you that enjoy a good read or have books to sell, this could be the place! Refreshments will be available (fish & chips even!!!!) For further details tel 0296 45,79,11 Bonny

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My daughter and grand daughter, who are both vegetarians will be spending a week in late July early August at our house in Plumeliau near Pontivy. Does anyone know of any vegetarian restuarants in the area or Restaurants that serve a vegetarian menu? Richard

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Does anyone know the date for this festival this year, I believe it is 3rd Sunday in August--15th-- however I have been unable to confirm this.   Thankx Jill

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We am getting married in August in the Cote D'armour region of Brittany and we are looking for a small group to play in the evening of the wedding. [small venue about 50 guests] 60's 70's 80's music. or perhaps Jazz any way all offers of advise would be very much appreciated   

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Can anyone in Baud area...I'm sure there are plenty of you...suggest a good restaurant for me. When over there next week it will be my anniversary and my birthday, so treats in order. regards Sunshine

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We are a 7 piece ska-jazz-funk band that will be in Brittany near Morlaix from 22nd to the 29th August to play at a wedding on the 28th. Does anyone have ideas about where we might be able to find gigs, or where would be good locations for us to busk? www.skatoons.co.uk

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