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I'm looking for a day sailer (4-6 berths) 7-10 metres to charter on an occasional basis. Gulf of Morbihan preferred. I'm very experienced so no worries about the boat being looked after. Anything around? Pages Jaunes hasn't been very helpful. Thanks Robin

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Anyone interested Johnny Clegg (the white zulu) is appearing at Avranches on the night of Friday 23rd July.He is a major talent and anyone who is into good music with a political edge wont be dissapointed. Check out "Scatterlings of Africa" and "Impi".

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Did that curry night we all got excited about at the beginning of the year - near Pontivy - ever happen? Was it good? Is there going to be another one?Jill

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I am looking to do pen and ink drawings and need to find a shop with this type of equipment in the Morbihan district.

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I have seen several posts regarding the lack of Indian type spices in the local supermarkets. I will be bringing a goodly supply with me when we move up in October but can you buy fresh coriander and/or Basmati rice locally. If not I will load the car up with rice and coriander seeds in an attempt to grow some !!!  ( coriander that is not rice ! )  18 'till the day I die !

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I am arriving in France (permanently!!!) on 13th July, I have been told there are festivities for Bastille day in Josselin, are they on the evening of the 13th or on the 14th, does anyone know what they consist of> carolb

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Hi, We will be staying at our Holiday Home near Carhaix from July 26 - 5 September and I am a keen amateur operatic society singer who runs in North Yorkshire regular singing concerts with singing friends. Are there any groups of Brits who are singers thinking of putting on a concert of show songs/Sinatra/Tony Bennett/Neil Diamond and the like and have access to equipment to play backing tracks etc.? Anybody interested let me know. The Sun Shines EastThe Sun Shines westI know where the Sun Shines Best.

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We're heading over on holidays/house hunting in a couple of weeks.  My youngest is concerned about not seeing Spiderman 2 for ages, he's a major fan.  I know htere are 'English' cinemas around.  The listings here show what's on today.  Anyone know if this will be on anywhere between 17 -30 July?  AnneStill in Dublin but dreaming of long sunny holidays :)

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Not quite shopping I know!! But do the 'pick your own' farms exist here in Brittany as they do in Wiltshire?!! Somewhere local ot Pontivy would be great.Cherrie Carr

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Association Integation Kreiz Breizh are holding their summer fete at Place de Foirail, Rue de la Gare, Gouarec on Saturday 10th July 2pm-6pm. This is a great opportunity to come along, have some fun & really integrate and make new friends with both  French & English members. There will be numerous stalls & games to take part in. With traditional live music, a Bar,Crepes and something for all the family. Maybe you would like to participate & run a stall with us? If so please call Liz on 02 96 24 87 90 for further details.

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Hi, We will be in our house just outside Bannalec from mid July 'til Sept-will be working on the house a lot of the time but wondered if someone could tell us what we might be missing in the area! We are still at the stage of France in school holidays but hope to be over permanently by next July (suppose it will depend to some extent on how many summer distractions we find!). It would be good to hear from anyone else in the area. Jackie and Ian Jackie B.

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If anyone is looking for something fun to do, I got a brochure in the mail today detailing the Fetes Historiques that will be held in Vannes this weekend and July 13 and 14th. This weekend the focus is on the Vannetais and the Romans between 56 BC and 56 AC, and the activities seem very family friendly (interactive gallo-roman village where kids -and adults!- can try leather tanning, forging, etc).  It runs from 8pm-midnight Fri, Sat, and Sun. The 13th and 14th goes from 2pm to midnight, and it sounds like there will be all kinds of costumed people and muscians strolling the streets, ending with fireworks at 11pm on the ramparts - bring your camera, definitely a kodak moment! Anyways, there is more info on the marie's website: www.mairie-vannes.fr, though I don't know if it's available in English too. -Samantha

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With so many TV programs now dealing with people buying houses abroad, and in particular France, there is a risk that the problems experienced by the few are being sensationalised in the interest of "good viewing". It is a pity that every program now seems to want to deal with the problems that people experience which only leads to one of two outcomes: either it makes the people in question look extremely foolish or it gives a false impression of the French way of life. 1) Yes there are a lot of foolish people who don't do their homework before they come and yes they probably are foolish - especially as, in that British way, they're convinced it is everyone else's fault !  Fortunately, hese people are in a small minority and should we really be publicly humiliating these fools ? 2) There are some rogue property agents, dodgy builders etc. around but there are also a lot of very good ones. Is it fair to make people worry that all agents and builders are like that ? 3) Some people do experience genuine problems, but again, only a minority and probably no more than would do so buying a house in the UK so why does it need to be blown up out of all proportion ? 4) The vast majority, whom the program makers don't seem to be particularly interested in, buy their houses without trauma, employ builders who do a good job, settle in well to their local area and don't live in enclaves of ex-pats. When does this message get put across in TV documentaries ? SO . . . . What about a short documentary series that deals with the practicalities from start to finish of looking for a house, buying it, having building work carried out, employment, registering with the French social system, re-registering a car etc. etc. In fact the outline for the subjects that need to be covered can all be found here in the AngloINFO forum ! Why not show people how the process should take place, and how it does successfully for many. You won't have any difficulty finding people with positive stories to tell. Let it be a practical program starting from a realistic look at what your money will buy - and show that the days of buying a habitable house for €10,000 are long gone !  What we really need is a big change from all those programs with whinging, complaining, and completely unrealistic Brits who should really have had their passports confiscated years ago !! Wow, what a revolution that would be for British TV, a positive program dealing with sensible people and good service providers (yes there are good property agents, honest - lots of them !!!!) leading to a happy ending that makes everyone feel good. What do you think ? James

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just to all let you know today21/06 c est la fete de la musique everybody anybody can sing play a instument anywhere everywhere. have a good one all

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Hi, I live just outside Loudeac and am looking to join a singing group in the area. In the UK, I previously belonged to a society that performed many different types of work including G&S, light classical and modern. My preference is classical but so far I haven't been able to find much on the net. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks Sara Sara

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Hi, I seem to remember some time back a posting of a website about how to fit and align a satelite dish in Brittany, it was a very good site, a bit long, so I didn't print it off at the time, I was sure I saved it, but of course, I can't find it now, also did an AI search, but no luck. Can anyone help, if I remember it had diagrams of the area covered by the sats, and what angles to pick them up, without a fancy electro thing. Any idea's please! Divaling.

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I have just come back after a couple of days in Trinite La Porhoet and wanted to buy either some Thai Green Curry paste or even just ordinary curry powder and couldnt find it anywhere.  I tried SuperU's and Champion, I did not have time to get to Carrefour - does anyone know if they sell it? I suppose Kaffir Lime leaves would be out of the question????  Anyone know of anywhere in Morbihan that sells this sort of stuff?carolb

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Hello,   Some time ago (long before Christmas I think) when we were compiling a list of hoped-for goodies from super U at St. Meen le Grand, the subject of Tofu came up - I can't remember who wanted it but they have it, plus lots of other "health and veggie" products in their diet section which is just opposite the fresh fish counter.   Well worth a look if cracked Bulgar and so on is your thing.Pam

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Can anyone tell me the price of Roquefort cheese in Brittany.  I went to a "french" market today here in England run by French vendors who come over for the weekend but their Roquefort Cheese was more expensive than my local Tesco!  In Tesco it is about £16 per kilo and they were selling it for £19 per kilo - maybe the travelling expenses were included!  Also if you take stuff eg DIY etc goods from England to France on the Ferry do you have to pay any duty or tax in France?carolb

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Are there any english films being shown in the Pontivvy area of Brittany please Ros

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