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Our friends have bought some wine labelled "Vieux Carion" We know vieux but what is carion? We have tried numerous translation services and dictionaries, including this site, to no avail! HELP! Ray

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Hello Me and some of my english + French friends (who go to my school) , Are trying to create a Teen Prom for French + english teens around brittany !!! We have just started on the plans But need to know if any of English/French teens out there would be interested in coming ???? We are also looking for help (raising money handing out leaflets etc) if anyone is interested please send me an e-mail or reply to this message!!! Many Thanks XxBxXBeckixx

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The Ludotheque at Belle Isle En Terre are holding a COME AND PLAY TOGETHER afternoon  on SATURDAY MAY 29th between 2 - 6. Indoor and outdoor games with an area for 0 - 3 years olds to play. Open to all (adults and children) with a free entry. Also there will be a TOY AND GAMES JUMBLE SALE.  To have a place to sell your items will cost you only 2 euros. For any more information:  02 96 43 09 69     or    02 96 21 52 82

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Hi if anybody out there has moved to France, and are missing their family, i.e. children, grandchildren. etc. and fancies a chat. contact me Ros Ros

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Whats the price of seafood like in Brittany.  Is it best to buy in supermarkets or go to the coast.  Can you buy fresh from any ports in Morbihan?carolb

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Having trailed round our local SuperU several times, I cannot find icing sugar here, just a huge variety of granulated sugar.  Does anybody know what it is called here in France and indeed if they have it.  I have always tended to use this to decorate my fairy cakes with the kids and desperately need some more!!becci

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Does anyone know if cream cheese (or an equivilant) is available in France?  I'd like to make a cheesecake for a friend's birthday, but without the cream cheese, I'm kind of stuck!  How about sour cream? Thanks!

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OK i'm really boring but does anybody know where I can get Heinz baked beans in the 29 area? Cassie

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Hi everyone I have a house and assemblement of buildings near Guingamp. I am interested in renting some land to keep sheep as thats what Ive been doing in England. Anyone got any Ideas on where to start looking? I would estimate an area of approx 50 hectares of grassland would be needed, maybe not all in the same location but hopefully not too spread out. Also does anyone know where to contact the local agricultural office about the rules and regulations etc? Many thanks lloydy

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Hi everybody.  Have just joined the site and what a find it is! Very useful and very pleased to find it. I have two questions which I would like to put to all of you living in  Brittany.  Those of you who work(own business or employed) - have you found it very difficult?  We have been told that  it is very hard to make enough to live on (especially after tax!) as unemployment is high and wages very low and thus not much money being spent either. Secondly - do any of you know any names and pref e mail addresses (or address and phone number) of any notaires dealing with coastal areas? Merci beaucoup for all answers in advance. Heather

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Just thought I'd share my fun experience at Carnac with anyone else who has passed by and wondered how it works. I and 3 other women friends went to Carnac and had hydrotherapy. We went in the underwater gym which was great fun, relaxed in the quiet room, drank herbal teas, had an algae wrap (round bodies, not to eat!), had a hydro bath, went in the ordinary gym and swam in the large pool. It was interesting and relaxing. All the pools were salt water and although it was predominantly females there were plenty of men there. A relaxing day or morning after lots of renovation! regards Sunshine

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Hi We are looking to start a band !! We have already decided on its name and also have 3 singers , We would like to find another 4 or 5 Maybe less ! If anyone is interested please reply to this message or send me a e-mail ! XxHannahxX

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Hi everyone This is my first posting and a request for your experience really. A couple of years ago, we spent New Year at our local bar at Pont Samuel, near Silfiac. The then proprietors, Rene and Marie put on a meal and decorated the bar, but apart from our family and two friends who had come accross with us, the rest of the people who came to the party were one french couple and the others were all men, who seemed to be "single". Whilst we made the best of the low turnout we did have a good night, but wondered if this was the norm. So my question is - What does happen at NY in the Silfiac area, do the Bretons celebrate at home or have a party somewhere else? What happens at Christmas? I would love to hear from the residents certainly around the Cleguerec, Guemene areas (the largest big villages near to us) - what happens? We would love to try again 'cos of the gap between October half term and Feb half term is just too long..... Thanks Gary

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Thank you for the organisation Kitty and the efforts of the staff involved who made it possible. "Bravo  !" And a huge thank you for everyone who came to Le Lion at Seglien today, which I thought went very well, our Lamb was delicious and warm apple crumble and custard finished things superbly. So nice to meet so many of you and sorry to any that i didnt get to speak to (but I'm not one to try to hog the Limelight  :o). You all know how to contact me if I can help after all . . . . . . My best regards, (And looking forward to the next one) Bob

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Help,  my teenage daughters love their new life in france but they are missing their dance classes.  Can anyone recommend Jazz, Tap, Stage or Ballet classes in the Chateaulin area?  Apparently ballet was offered to the community earlier in the year but there were not enough takers to set up the class.  Group tuition is important to them for social reasons rather than one to one tuition rosie

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Does anyone know of any good musical instrument shop's in 56.I'm looking for shop's that sell and repair drums keyboard's recording equipment,and have a good notice board for musician's.Any muso's around Baud please mail me,as I shall be putting together a recording studio,and will want to get some gig's together.                                                    Thanks                                                 Samzee

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just to let you know, i have picked up the brochure for the cinema and on March 21st and 22nd (sun and mon) they have Return To Cold Mountain on in VO. It starts at 9.00 pm both nights.

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I am resident in area 56 near to Pontivy, and thinking of introducing curry evenings, at this stage,once per month - having cooked Indian cuisine for a number of years and taught by an Indian chef, I was wondering what the interest would be - any replies greatly appreciated. 

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Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive white wine, along the lines of a jacobs creek chardonnay, and where is the best place to buy wines in the Ploemel area?  Thanks.carolb

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Hi all Please can you tell me the french equivilent of baking powder and Vanilla essence. It's time to start cake making! Cheers Dino

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