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Has anyone ever seen this being repeated anywhere ??? Just wondered . . . . . . . .   regards,Les

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Now we can drive easily down to Vannes or Quiberon or Carnac, Now that we can find a table easily at a restaurant, Does anyone of level headed and reasonable character fancy going out and getting sozzled?? I am just sooooo glad to get the place back to myself (sorry to all the french resident wannabbees here on their jollys, and thanks for your contribution to my staying in France fund!!!!)   bi y'all

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Has anyone ever been?? Or wants to go?? I didnt even know that Brittany had events like this . . . . then I saw the advert on the front page of Angloinfo. Best get my best frock out of the storage boxes, what fun! Natty,

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Sometimes I hanker after going to see a film in English at a cinema, Thanks to AngloINFO, I've found that fairly locally, there are films in English available. The big screen really does make all the difference. The only problem is, I feel odd going alone - does anyone, male or female or a family or group feel like going to see a film and maybe a beer? Lanester would be my preferred place to go, apparently this week the film is Raising Victor Vargus , which looks interesting. Anyone out there interested?  

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Couldn't help noticing on the AngloINFO VO Movie Guide that the cinema in Lanester is showing 24 Hour Party People. I was lucky enough to see this at the Cannes Festival last year and I have to say that, if you have any interest at all in the "Madchester" scene from punk through to the Hacienda days, via Joy Division and the Happy Mondays, then it's a great film to watch (with a savage turn by Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson). If you have no interest at all in the subject matter it is probably less good... **************Mike

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