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The 4PLAY Barbershop Quartet will be giving a concert in La Clarté Chapel, Querrien, on Sunday 18th June at 5:30pm.All welcome.See you there!

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I am trying to organise a western night at the buvette and am looking for someone to play and maybe if possible some line dancers. Any ideas anyone?

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i got one of those sticks thats been modified and have found it to work perfect on livebox wifi,all the latest movies,big choice of sport,all the english channels and much much more,better than having sat box 

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RED WHITE & BLUES with special guest Kevin Clouard            THURSDAY JUNE 8 from 6pm onwardsLooking for some live music in Ille et Vilaine area. Why not come along to Hotel Le Manoir this coming Thursday. A night of English and American pop and blues from Red White and Blues with special guest local blues guitarist/ singer Kevin Clouard. The restaurant will be open at 6pm and you can book a table contact 02 99 97 42 76 There is also 'Happy Hour' and live music from 7.30pm onwards. If you like good food, good music and good company then this is for you and admission is free. More details  www.facebook.com/events/437467929963658

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Bonjour tout le monde (hello everybody)I have put up posts before on a singular level for these three subjects and they have always been enjoyed on angloinfo,so I thought that it would be a good idea to put the three together to make the post a bit more user friendly.You do not have to respond to them all,but if you are reading a good book at the moment,listening to some good music or have just watched a good film or tv program or series,then please tell us about it so we can do the same if it is what we like.I guess that if you have just had a bad experience with one of the above,that would be good to know to..I am currently listening to someone who I enjoy very much and even though he was around from the twenties and only passed away a few years ago,I have only recently discovered this mans great talent.Here is a write up on himhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_%22Gatemouth%22_BrownNo doubt you will be able to find some of his material on youtube.Also have just finished watching the ray donovan series off tv and thought that it was very enjoyable with some good strong charecters in it.I look forward to reading your recommendations on book,music,tv and film soon.Luvnstuff to you allJamie xx

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THE MANOIR HOTEL  in Bazouges La Perouse  are hosting a monthly music night starting on THURSDAY MAY 11.  Red White and Blues will be performing some popular English , American and traditional pop, blues, rock and 60s  music and there will be special music guests as well as part of 'open mic'. Arrive by 7.30pm and you can take advantage of the 'Happy Hour'  as well as sample the great burgers and chips on offer - the best in the area.  Admission is free. A great night of music and fun with good company. Check out Manoir Musique on face book at www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016392829468                                        Contact the venue direct on 02 99 97 42 76 Le Manoir Bazouges Address: Place De L'hotel De Ville, 35560 Bazouges-la-PĂ©rouse

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We are an Anglo-French group called Out of Stock playing pop/blues/rock, both English and French to suit all ages.We are seeking concert dates for the summer/autumn.If you would like a group for a function/bar drop me a line.ian.bowring0775@orange.fr

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Hello all budding muscials. The Buvette Etang du Dordu at Langoelan is open again for the season. We are looking for groups and individuals who would like to display their talents at the buvette. Contact by email: monica@campinginbrittany.com or tel: 0682102266

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HelloDoes anyone know how much the subscription is per month for Bein sport and if you need a satellit dish fitted to receive itThanks

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Hi,  we would just like to let any musicians know of the Plumjam mainline jazz workshop in St hilaire situated between Baud and Melrand 56 rehearsing on Monday evenings 7 till 9pm, great fun playing for private and social events, all musicians welcome French and British, could do with a trombone, banjo, rhythm guitar, clarinette, vocals etc to add to our line up of sax, drums, bass, piano, lead guitar, trumpet, if your out there don't be shy come on down and have fun this Monday its only music!!! see you there.

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I am bringing my granchildren to france in july for the first time and have not really had a good look at what there is to do for them  a 4 year old and six year old any one got any good ideas not to far from from Gourin

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Thank you for all your helpful suggestions. We have been coming to france for the past 12 years but have only explored a few places always been busy working on the house, which is still not complete.  Have been to the pool in Carhaix and like this very much. Would like to be able to make friends if any one wants a penpal. We live in a small hamlet and they are all english so would like to make new fiends regardsJulie

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Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends),It is just a couple of days to go until super saturday and apart from Italy who will be recieving the wooden spoon this year,we have all got something to play for.I had best start of with England as they have won the six nations this year and will be chasing a second consecutive grandslam and also the world record at test level for the amount of consecutive victories. I wish you luck. Joe shmidt will obviously doing his best to stop you and it promises to be a great game.France,Ireland,scotland and not forgetting my team Wales will all be able to finish in second place if they get it right on saturday,or if they get it wrong maybe fifth !! all to play for :-)Its been a bit of an inconsistant tournament for the welsh team,though apart from our lack of consistancy I am happy that we have been part of the two best matches of the tournament,being England and Ireland respectively.I will probably get done for treason saying this,but by half time in the Wales-England game at cardiff I said to myself " I do not care who wins this game as long as the levels of intensity stay the same,and they did. At the end of the match I honestly did not mind losing as it was some of the best rugby I have ever seen. credit to both teams.Scotland have played some nice rugby this year too and put both Wales and Ireland out of the running for the title;so damn good effort from them.Italy has been quite interesting this time round,especially with their phantom rucks against England. I do wonder how much Mike catt had to do with that strategy !!And the French !!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish you all a great end of tournament and hope that you have all enjoyed it in good spirits and in good health.I shall hopefully be back in Brittany in a couple of weeks. I have just got one more garden to get into shape here in Burgundy and then look forward to getting back and chewing the fat with those of you that share my passion for this great rugby tournament.Love and light to allJamie and cockney the wonderdog xx

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It's getting worse, the 19 30 slot, is absolute 'rubbish', in my opinion, (with 1 or 2 exceptions), who, does their research conclude their audience is?

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David Gilmour

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Had you guessed, Miranda and Justin are Really Married, WOW!!!

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Any musicians/ band in the Ille et Vilaine / south Normandy area looking for new musicians to play acoustic music , rock or blues. Do please get in touch. 

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Does anyone know of an internet tv service that works here in france?

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Does Cromecast dongle work here?

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