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Le Chit Chat is now being set up in Brittany. Le Chit Chat has been running successfully in Normandy for two years, it is a club for ladies and gentlemen to meet up and share advice, ideas, hobbies, concerns and friendship. Making friends is never easy. Our aim at Le Chit Chat is to welcome you into a world of support, where you can hopefully find whatever it is that you are looking for in life and France. So, if you would like to:Mix with others socially.Find out information on the local area.Swap ideas, concerns, inspiration and adviceWe are here to help. Of course, we don’t promise to know all the answers; but we can certainly have some fun trying to find the answers along the way. We need your feedback to make this work. Please contact us to join us for our first coffee morning (probably Josselin area), it's all free. Looking forward to seeing you soon.SarahRose BatemanMobile:06 11 81 25 93  Home:02 33 49 82 22http://sarah793.wix.com/chitchathttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Chit-Chat-Chaff/364759187053582https://www.facebook.com/lechitchat

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There was info on year in 2015 regarding a festival somewhere in Brittany but couldn't go at the time.  Does anyone know if this is an annual event?  Any info gratefully received.

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Does anybody know of a bar within reasonable distance from Dol de Bretagne that caters for events please?

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Just thought I would put it out there to those AI who live close to Quimperle.  The Tom Hanks film about the true story of the plane crash in the Hudson river is being shown in English for one night only at the Bobine cinema at 8.30pm this  Wednesday 14th December.  Ticket price is just 4.40euros on Wednesdays all day.  So cheap night out for us expats!  Check their website for details.

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We have 40 artisan stands with loads of Xmas goodies.Repas of Cornish Pasty, Branston Pickle, Salad, Mince Pie, Sherry and Tea. Sausage RollsTartiflette, frites, Crepes, cup cakes, etc., Irish Band, Pere Noel, etc., etc.10.30 - 20.00.  Be there!Gueltas - Between Loudeac, Pontivy and Rohan,

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Hello - does anyone know of any interesting events, markets or activities next weekend on Fri 9th - Sun 11th December that would be worth visiting? We are based in Plussulien (22) but willing travel around to attend.Many thanksLaura

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Visited Rochefort en Terre last night for the switching on of their Christmas Lights. It looks beautiful and would recommend to anyone.

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CHANTIMOR needs you! Sea shanty group based in St Hilaire (near Pontivy) seeks competant folk guitarist as well as a confident male voice. English/American shanties. Gigs all over the Morbihan and beyond during the summer season. Chantimor is a non- profit making "association".Interested? Contact: chantimor@yahoo.fr

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Is the Zenith Nantes Metropole arena open air? I'm wondering what clothes to wear for a concert on a chilly december evening? I dont want to turn up in a wooly hat, gloves and 5 jumpers to be under the warmth of air con.Thank you.

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Hi All - new to this forum and to Brittany. I'm a singer songwriter and record producer, just buying a place near Merleac, I'll be building a great budget studio in the barn. I'm keen to meet musicians and singers in the area, both for playing and to advertise my recording studio! I have a long track record in both performing and studios - I currently own a studio in Brighton.I'm keen to play live! Specialise in acoustic music but have done the rounds in all types of bands. So any pointers for places to hangout for musical types please would be great. Pleased to meet you!Simon

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I have just booked some tickets to see the Churchfitters live in Evran (Dinan). If you like Folk music, you will love them. They write their own songs and even make their own instruments! They are playing in Evran on Sat 19th Nov at 8.30pm. Tickets 8 euros if prebooked, 10 euros on the day. There are 4 other bands playing so it will be a great night out!

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I have seen some of my clients today who have just moved over here and, being a bit green, they had called someone out to lay on their satellite cable, the cable had been cut off by the previous owners so, in theory, they just needed new fittings on it or at the most, a new cable or 2 laid on to other parts of the house too, baring in mind, they are having a new subscription set up that they will have to pay for, a box supplied by "sky" separately, they were charged today by the friendly satallite TV man, 500€ for his day's labour a few metres of cable, and a new dish, even though the other one had only been fitted 6 months ago and looks exactly the same but he said his was betrer!!!! Nice work if you can get it eh! Why do some people prey on new comers? 

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A reminder that The What will be playing live at the Cafe des Sports in Loyat (56) tonight, music starts at 9pm. Come along and sing, laugh, dance, have a lot of fun going down memory lane. Music from 60's up to the present, you will LOVE it!!

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I hate Russian Dolls. They're so full of themselves.

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We have a great band coming over from UK next week to play at a party and they were wondering if we could find them an extra gig for next Thursday evening (27th Oct) They are great fun and it's always a superb atmosphere when they play. See www.boatband.co.uk. They have played at Cambridge folk festival and at Glastonbury Cajun and Zydeco festival. phone me on 0614540429 or contact band direct.

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The Douarnenez Social Club, located on Plage du Ris is open to all English speaking persons in Brittany. The club "house" is a lovely home perched on a cliff with a view of the Beach & Bay of Douarnenez on Route du Ris. If you are a painter, writer or just like a good cup of tea (or coffee) come join. The only requirement is that you must speak English (or American). E mail sands.typelican17@gmail.com

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I have just purchased a HDR-1100S Humax Freesat with Freetime Recorder HDR-1100S to replace our Sky box at our home in the UK - I resent paying a monthly subscription fee to Sky when for a one off purchase from Argos of £190 I have found a very attractive alternative. It really is superb and I wish I'd made the decision a long time ago. As I still have a Sky dish and box at our home in Brittany I am keen to ask if anybody knows if this Freesat box would work for me in France as I am keen to buy one to take over there it will. Any advice would be most appreciated thanks.

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