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looking for people to play with near gourin, warhammer 40k, necromunda and a huge library of other tabletop/ boardgames

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I am concerned that an elderly, widower freind who is 85 is becoming isolated. He does not drive anymore and speaks only a few words of french. He lives near to Langon (35660) and I was wondering if there are any clubs nearby with english speaking people. For those who suggest he returns to the UK, this has already been suggested and he wishes to stay in France.thanks for any help, appreciated

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I understand there will be live music in Jugon les Lacs over the weekend  - please can anyone give me any information on this - specifically which day, what time, whereabouts and the type of music thanks

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Experienced musician ,songwriter, bassist. occasional singer looking to join existing band playing rock, blues or celtic music .  Based in the Ille et Vilaine region in between Rennes and the coast. 

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HelloI'm thinking of giving a Wonderbox gift to someone who is in full time education and who will only have school holidays at xmas and during the summer.My question is has anyone had any giving or receiving experience of Wonderbox (or any similar companies) offering trips or breaks away to know whether there are any date limitations? I would hate to give it and for them find out that peak season is not allowed and it goes out of date before they are able to take it.Thanks.

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Hello , I would like to find a radio station that plays relaxing music on the radio not via internet .... On searching I have only found stations to listen to online , I listen mostly in the evening so would prefer relaxing not pop , jazz , classic etc ....Thanks in advance

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anyone know if this is happenImg today with the rain?

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Ahoy There! Chantimor will be singing British & American shanties at the Troc et Puces at La Chèze (22) at about 3pm. This is one of the biggest car boot sales in the area - with all sorts of other activities going on. All down by the lake. See you there!

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We had to visit uk for a short while but on our return at the start of July we were not able to receive French tv progs. Before that we received a full range of progs via our set top box.  Can anyone explain what the problem could be.

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Hi can anyone help ?does anyone  know of anybody who as birds To do an exspo in a open space Sunday 7th August la cheze troc a puce (22)

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Want a gret day out and some fish n chips ?then don't miss Sunday 7th August  at La cheze lots of entertainment  !and the best fish n chips around .

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Yes indeed.....Rock and blues lovers take note.   This Friday 29th July FAT BOY BLUES the franco brit rock blues trio are appearing at the Bar des Lacs at Jugon les Lacs.  Pete Uttley keyboard player from the celebrated now defunct band Bluesgroove will be playing alongside them and also the Doctor Boogie sax team Linda Caswell and Larry Potts....Goona be an amazing night......Kicks off around 8.30pm......If you have never been to the Bar des Lacs you will be surprised at the decor......great venue with a stage, a real rock venue.

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Hi, does anyone know of any celebrations on the 13 th? Have been to st. Nicholas des eaux previously, but not sure of the date this year. Thanks

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Hi, I have played bass guitar for a variety of bands over many years playing,Pop-Rock-CountryRock-Blues-Folk-Celtic-Jazz- etc. Now retired I am lookingfor the odd jam/gig with like minded musician's? I also play a good rhythmguitar!! for more info please email me Dave,  Thanks for looking!

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If you live in or near Plevenon on the Cotes d'armor coast don't miss this event this coming Tuesday 26th July.   Outside the Breihz Bistrot opposite the church in Plevenon from 8pm to 11pm the franco brit rock blues group FAT BOY BLUES will be rocking out standardsfrom the sixties and seventies, and will be jopined by ex Bluesgroove keyboard player Pete Uttley, plus the sax section from Doctor Boogie for this special evening.......Don't miss it !

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We are looking to expand our line up and would like a second fiddle player age no restriction but you must have your own transport and be a hundred percent committed  .we are a great little band with no ego's to feed?

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I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a spare operators manual for a wife? Mine's started making a horrible whining noise.

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Someone mentioned that a Craft Fair will be held on Sunday 17th July, and there will also be various stalls including home-made cakes!  I'm not sure where this will be, but it sounds like a nice place to go...Has anyone any suggestions where it will be please? 

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We have some guests visiting soon, (near Guemene sur scorff), and they need a bit of info on days out etc...Can anyone help with the following questions please:- Guerledan lake - which is the best bit to go to for water stuff and cycle trails- We’re thinking of taking the ferry from lorient to ile de groix - is this a nice trip to do? We’ve seen that there is a market over there on a Tuesday.- cycling on the nantes to brest canal - can you recommend a good bit to cycle on? (bearing in mind we have a 3, 5 and 7 year old with us!)- Branfere animal park - is it better to get tickets online for this? Is this the best discount?

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I am  going to Lyon to support the Welsh team on Wednesday. Driving from 22, sleeping rough(well back of the car), and just enjoying the occasion. I do not have a ticket, nor do I care, for me its all about the occasion. If anyone is interested in joining me please contact asap  Should be a fantastic experience, Will leave on Tuesday morning/afternoon. All genuine footy fans, Taffs or otherwise welcomeAlan

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