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We are looking for a place to practice our recorders and other Renaissance style musical instruments.  If you have a suitable room or know of one near Mûr-De-Bretagne, please post the info here :-)

started by: suziet · last update: 1474377065 · posted: 1430761727

hi does anyone know if there are any pubs/ cafe that host open mic nights in dept 22..  St Brieuc / loudeac / uzel area..   we are over next week and are musicians so looking for a pub or cafe to play one evening. Wed  Thurs or Friday   cheers   Alan  / Sue

started by: Patsy Dior-408993 · last update: 1473771823 · posted: 1473771204

Have heard something going on this Sunday in Gomene?  Friends are on holiday with their dog and had heard something about a dog show....?  If anyone could give us some details of exactly what is going on and timings etc so they don't miss entering their dog.Thanks in advance

started by: grumposgirl · last update: 1473769767 · posted: 1473769767

Just to let you know - if you are comining along to the Grand Fete Familial on 18th September in Gomene 22230 near Merdrignac and wanted fish and chips- please call Val on 0296 28 48 22 to pre order. Orders need to be with her by 12 noon Wed 14th  - there will be some for sale on the day but pre booking will gaurantee youre not disappointed.

started by: kathie-385036 · last update: 1473520652 · posted: 1473069859

Anyone play recorder and have an interest in starting a group perhaps to play at festivals eventually?  Pontivy area.

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Does anyone Knpw of a bar with screen showing match on Saturday?please !

started by: P & S-10058146 · last update: 1473242678 · posted: 1473242678

I am based in the Combourg area of northern Brittany and would like to join or form a band for live concerts. I mainly play bass, write songs, sing a bit and am happy playing blues , rock or folk music. All things considered and flexible with time. Have good gear and experience.

started by: Borg1of1 · last update: 1473069609 · posted: 1472280638

looking for people to play tabletop games with in 56. we have a large library of all kinds of board games and tabletop games!

started by: Borg1of1 · last update: 1472688345 · posted: 1472688345

looking for people to play with near gourin, warhammer 40k, necromunda and a huge library of other tabletop/ boardgames

started by: Matthew0077 · last update: 1472124345 · posted: 1472117333

I am concerned that an elderly, widower freind who is 85 is becoming isolated. He does not drive anymore and speaks only a few words of french. He lives near to Langon (35660) and I was wondering if there are any clubs nearby with english speaking people. For those who suggest he returns to the UK, this has already been suggested and he wishes to stay in France.thanks for any help, appreciated

started by: phlophf-409902 · last update: 1471519744 · posted: 1469097720

I understand there will be live music in Jugon les Lacs over the weekend  - please can anyone give me any information on this - specifically which day, what time, whereabouts and the type of music thanks

started by: P & S-10058146 · last update: 1470998174 · posted: 1470998174

Experienced musician ,songwriter, bassist. occasional singer looking to join existing band playing rock, blues or celtic music .  Based in the Ille et Vilaine region in between Rennes and the coast. 

started by: Bod · last update: 1470988003 · posted: 1470232960

HelloI'm thinking of giving a Wonderbox gift to someone who is in full time education and who will only have school holidays at xmas and during the summer.My question is has anyone had any giving or receiving experience of Wonderbox (or any similar companies) offering trips or breaks away to know whether there are any date limitations? I would hate to give it and for them find out that peak season is not allowed and it goes out of date before they are able to take it.Thanks.

started by: Tinks-423368 · last update: 1470923877 · posted: 1470923877

Hello , I would like to find a radio station that plays relaxing music on the radio not via internet .... On searching I have only found stations to listen to online , I listen mostly in the evening so would prefer relaxing not pop , jazz , classic etc ....Thanks in advance

started by: moonface-404758 · last update: 1470216870 · posted: 1470216870

anyone know if this is happenImg today with the rain?

started by: MrsMiggles · last update: 1470118627 · posted: 1470044940

Ahoy There! Chantimor will be singing British & American shanties at the Troc et Puces at La Chèze (22) at about 3pm. This is one of the biggest car boot sales in the area - with all sorts of other activities going on. All down by the lake. See you there!

started by: devon129 · last update: 1470001228 · posted: 1469978172

We had to visit uk for a short while but on our return at the start of July we were not able to receive French tv progs. Before that we received a full range of progs via our set top box.  Can anyone explain what the problem could be.

started by: daisydawn · last update: 1469971654 · posted: 1469955868

Hi can anyone help ?does anyone  know of anybody who as birds To do an exspo in a open space Sunday 7th August la cheze troc a puce (22)

started by: daisydawn · last update: 1469712169 · posted: 1469708995

Want a gret day out and some fish n chips ?then don't miss Sunday 7th August  at La cheze lots of entertainment  !and the best fish n chips around .

started by: ericthecleric · last update: 1469695606 · posted: 1469695217

Yes indeed.....Rock and blues lovers take note.   This Friday 29th July FAT BOY BLUES the franco brit rock blues trio are appearing at the Bar des Lacs at Jugon les Lacs.  Pete Uttley keyboard player from the celebrated now defunct band Bluesgroove will be playing alongside them and also the Doctor Boogie sax team Linda Caswell and Larry Potts....Goona be an amazing night......Kicks off around 8.30pm......If you have never been to the Bar des Lacs you will be surprised at the decor......great venue with a stage, a real rock venue.

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