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Hi, does anyone know of any celebrations on the 13 th? Have been to st. Nicholas des eaux previously, but not sure of the date this year. Thanks

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Hi, I have played bass guitar for a variety of bands over many years playing,Pop-Rock-CountryRock-Blues-Folk-Celtic-Jazz- etc. Now retired I am lookingfor the odd jam/gig with like minded musician's? I also play a good rhythmguitar!! for more info please email me Dave,  Thanks for looking!

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If you live in or near Plevenon on the Cotes d'armor coast don't miss this event this coming Tuesday 26th July.   Outside the Breihz Bistrot opposite the church in Plevenon from 8pm to 11pm the franco brit rock blues group FAT BOY BLUES will be rocking out standardsfrom the sixties and seventies, and will be jopined by ex Bluesgroove keyboard player Pete Uttley, plus the sax section from Doctor Boogie for this special evening.......Don't miss it !

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We are looking to expand our line up and would like a second fiddle player age no restriction but you must have your own transport and be a hundred percent committed  .we are a great little band with no ego's to feed?

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I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a spare operators manual for a wife? Mine's started making a horrible whining noise.

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Someone mentioned that a Craft Fair will be held on Sunday 17th July, and there will also be various stalls including home-made cakes!  I'm not sure where this will be, but it sounds like a nice place to go...Has anyone any suggestions where it will be please? 

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We have some guests visiting soon, (near Guemene sur scorff), and they need a bit of info on days out etc...Can anyone help with the following questions please:- Guerledan lake - which is the best bit to go to for water stuff and cycle trails- We’re thinking of taking the ferry from lorient to ile de groix - is this a nice trip to do? We’ve seen that there is a market over there on a Tuesday.- cycling on the nantes to brest canal - can you recommend a good bit to cycle on? (bearing in mind we have a 3, 5 and 7 year old with us!)- Branfere animal park - is it better to get tickets online for this? Is this the best discount?

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I am  going to Lyon to support the Welsh team on Wednesday. Driving from 22, sleeping rough(well back of the car), and just enjoying the occasion. I do not have a ticket, nor do I care, for me its all about the occasion. If anyone is interested in joining me please contact asap  Should be a fantastic experience, Will leave on Tuesday morning/afternoon. All genuine footy fans, Taffs or otherwise welcomeAlan

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Hi everybody,We are getting married in Pont Scorff at the end of this month. We are looking to hire a PA system with a microphone that we could also play some music through an iPod also. Would anyone know of a service in the area we could avail of?Thanks! :)

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Hi All, Just heard on the grapevine that Electric blue ex Miroda will be returning to the Rosbif at St Vincent Sur Oust on Saturday the 31st of January 2015, and then again on the 14th February.Hope you will come and support them, and the owners!! pop/rock music from the sixties onwards.Starts about 20.00hours

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Just to let people know the disco night at the Taverne la Vallee in Mur,Sat night,will be starting a bit later at 8-30,not 8-00.Apologies for any inconvience.

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If you are in Cap Sizun Finistere next Friday there is a Live concert at Mac Laughlins....great place resembling a large english country pub....great band playing 60s 70s rock blues and british R&B.....get yourself down there!

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If you live in or near Pont Aven in Finistere and you like a bit of Rock and Blues, get yourself down to the Moulin du Grand Poulguin tonight.the franco brit band Fat Boy Blues will be strutting their stuff, first set kicks off at 9pm.  It's a free concert and food is available in the restaurant part of this magnificent old millhouse next to the river, a lovely spot.  See you there later Wwoooooo !

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We have three, two still in very good condition and one new Sky HD Digi boxes.Please contact me if this is of any use to you.Postal code 22230

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Theatre Director, Actress of Stage and Screen and Playwright would be interested in starting a Theatre Group - anyone interested please contact

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Fete de la musique five bands electric blue stevie kramer joy mike emsley ?from 19.00 car park centre ville till late food available saturday 25th

started by: ericthecleric · last update: 1466232903 · posted: 1465844853

If you live near or in St Pol de Leon in Finistere, this coming Saturday the 18th is their Fete de la Musique.....there are several things on in the centre...kicks off at the Place du Lin at 8pm...Get there early...gonna be fun !

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What ever happened to The Mad Cows? Last time they played was eight years ago........I think they are coming back!

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Yes indeed, what a recipe.....Fish'n'chips plus Rock Blues concert at the Relais du Lac  Caurel (22) with franco brit band Fat Boy Blues....Free admission....I think you may have to reserve for the fish'n'chips (with mushy peas).....music starts around 9pm

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For those of you living in or within striking distance of Crozon in Finistere, the first edition of the "Nuit du Blues" mini open air festival is taking place this coming Saturday at Saint Hernot....Headlining is A'L'Ouest (the backing band for the celebrated french blues rock artiste Paul Personne, also on the bill is the franco brit trio rock blues outfit Fat Boy Blues, and on the classic and delta blues side of things Two Men in Blue, plus the Hoboes.....Starts at 8pm and finishes around 2am......Don't miss it !

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