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Hi , we are living near Gaillac & would like to meet some pedi this young children to mix with our 4 year old daughter 

started by: joanna-collie-984896 · last update: 1614598387 · posted: 1613907828

Hi I am interested in moving to Brittany and wondered if there was any English first speaking schools which learn French for my son age 8 year 3. Thanks

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Hi,Does anyone know how to contact Kevan Wagstaff last known in 56430 Neant st Yvel. I just want to give him an update about one of the pups he had several years ago which we got.If you know him can you please ask him to message me on langfords@mail2france.comThanks 

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Is scare carnival on this year please 

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Hi myself and my husband and 2 children are looking to move to france in these areas and would like any advice anyone could give us.my husband is a builder and we are looking for somewhere with land so we can have horses ect and outbuildings to do possible renovation to make a holiday rental aswell.I would like to be near shops and bars and schools as my daughter is 4 and my son is 8,is it hard to get them into schools?we would like to have neighbours but not close,my main thing is for the children to live a better life but still where they can speak english and french(my son has had speach problems) and be able to get to shops and make friends where they can go off and play.advice on these areas would be great!thanku xx

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Does anyone know how and where to get a 5 month old child a photograph for her passport?  The photos from cubicles would not work, she has to sit on a seat without any parent, she mustn't smile which is very difficult to get a 5 month old child not to smile - any ideas would be appreciated.

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hello mums, I am looking for a mother and baby group in and around Port-Louis/Lanester/Lorient. I am a french national with a 1 year old daughter and would love to meet up with other mums. We could go for coffee/tea, walks, swimming. Our kids could play together.  I have travelled a fair bit and I am always happy to chat about anything :) feel free to get in touch. Thanks Laurence

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Hi everyone i live in melrand which is about 20 mins from Pontivy. Im looking for a mother and baby group to join. Really miss chatting with other mums it would be great to meet up once or twice à wk for coffee and à chat with like minded people. Joanne

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Hi Mums,My husband an I are Australians (45 years old with EU passports) that have lived in Brazil for the past 12 years where our 9 year old daughter was born. We just put a deposit on a house in Seglien, Morbihan (56) and should be moving into the house in May, 2018. If there are mums in the area who would like to meet up for coffee so the kids can play and we can get to know each other that would be great.talk soon,Katerina

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Hello, We're a friendly young & cheerful Irish/French family who have just relocated from Burgundy to the Cap Sizun in Brittanny. I am Camilla, Irish, 22, and my partner is Richard, who is French and 25. Together we have two children. We recently moved over here because we love Britanny and living near relatives and the sea. We now would like to get to know other English or French speaking people in our area, with our without kids. We love socialising, to have dinner together, go out for an evening or a concert, etc. I am fluent in English, whereas Richard is still learning English, but he's very eager and willing to learn ! Looking forward to hearing from you, Camilla & Richard

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Has anyone divorced in France?  How did it go?Thanks

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has any one advice for claiming rsa and does any one know what the minimum  amount the law says you need to live on for 2adults and 1 child haveing worked here for many years. 

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I'm looking for a venue suitable for an 18th birthday party.. bare minimum... Space for 20, WC/hand wash area, and ok to put out sleeping bags! They are friends from internat at lycée, so from all over the place and most will need to sleep over. We can provide chairs, tables, extension leads... They will take responsibility for cleaning and a "caution".... Any suggestions please? It's for Saturday 21st Oct. Thanks!

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Hello We are looking to move to the côtes d'amor area and was wondering if anyone could give us some advice on colleges around the area.(we were thinking of plemet but are open to suggestions)  Our son is 13 and loves football and cricket so any info on clubs would also be really helpful. Thanks in advance Paula 

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HIWe are coming to Brittany ( possible Normandy) in Sept 2018 f0r 4-5 months period , we  are looking to register our daughter for 1 semester in a private French college( 3 ene) she is in FULL FRENCH IMMERSION program here in Canada for last 9 years,  we are interested in a French college with at least 50% curriculum in French language , any advise  how to find   this type of school much appreciate and any contacts you may have with schools there much appreciate it  , we are  flexible to location but prefer west coast of France.

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Hi, I'm organising an English reading group for babies and toddlers at the library in Mauron (56), about 45 minutes west of Rennes. We'll have English-speaking volunteers read stories and converse with the parents/childminders and with the children, doing some nursery rimes etc... It's a way for French children to become accustomed to the English language, and for children of international parents to meet other English-speaking children. Every Wednesday at 10.30 AM (except the third Wednesday of the month), starting the first of March. It's called "Bébés Babel"!I'm a Dutch mum, fluent in English, I'll be there with my little girl (almost one year old), looking forward to meeting anybody interested!

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Hello everyone,I have a friend who lives in Vannes and who works from heroffice at home. She is French and is looking for an English Nanny to look afterher son while she works. Does anyone know an English Nanny who would work inVannes? Being able to speak French is not a requirement. Email me for more details.

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Anybody free and would  like to come and give a helping hand to serve at the troc puce at la cheze on the sunday 6th august  we are willing to give you your meal free along with drinks we are only asking for 3-4 hours help to do the midday meal please  .contact 0649887250

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My family (me,husband and son) are looking to move to Le Sourn from England. I've been looking into education and it would seem children go to school at an older age (6?). Ideally I would like my son to go to a nursery or pre school to learn French immediately. I do, however, want to send him somewhere there are English speaking teachers as he doesn't currently speak a word of French and I worry it will be too much for him. Has anyone had to go through this process? Would most lower education have English speaking support? I'd also like my son to go to an International school once he's of age but there doesn't seem to be anything local to Le Sourn or Pontivy? Any advice would be greatly welcomedMany thanks,Savina

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I'm American and my husband is British. Our baby will be born in France, but from what I understand, she will not be granted French citizenship as neither of her parents were born in France. My question is, how do we request British nationality for her? Does anyone happen to know if she can have both American and British citizenship? Thanks in advance, I'm not finding very clear information on the US and UK embassy websites. 

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