Anglo-American couple having a baby in France

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I'm American and my husband is British. Our baby will be born in France, but from what I understand, she will not be granted French citizenship as neither of her parents were born in France. My question is, how do we request British nationality for her? Does anyone happen to know if she can have both American and British citizenship? Thanks in advance, I'm not finding very clear information on the US and UK embassy websites. 

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Busterboy 1496773610

Your child born in france with a british  father will be british, but wont be able to pass that on.

Fish24 1496775788

Hopefully, this is updated:-

caelycate 1497043907

Hi, thanks for your replies. I had visited both those pages already. I know our baby will have the right to be British, but wasn't sure how to actually go about getting her citizenship. In the US for example, I will have to request a social security number for her. Is their a British equivalent? So far, I have learned that I need to register her birth with the UK embassy...and then? I think I need to fill out a form for her requesting British citizenship. I found a form for 'stateless' people, which I suppose she technically will be stateless until she becomes British and/or American. Anyways, thanks again for taking the time to respond. I think I will write to someone at British embassy to be sure.

George Canning 1497105342

Yes the best info always comes from the horse's mouth.

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